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Nintendo - The Town of Talents (also known as Kyarakutātaun (キャラクタータウン), literally Character Town in Japan or Nintendo Town in PAL regions) is a simulation video game for the Nintendo Wii U system released worldwide on November 20, 2014, and is one of the first video games for the Wii system. The game was being developed by Steli Entertainment.


One day, while travelling through the jungle, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong found an abandoned town on the outskirts. When they decided to take a look at it, the two Kongs found that the town was a former gold town, but was abandoned as the inhabitants after the gold was depleted. Returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, the two Kongs spread news of this town, and how they plan to revitalize it, and restore it to it's former glory.


The gameplay is similar to the hit video game series Animal Crossing (and, to an extent, the video game series MySims), where the player's Mii goes around town, doing various tasks for people. There is also a "calender" feature, which means that the day and night cycles are quicker (about an hour of sunlight, then an hour of moonlight) and, at the end of each day, the player makes a diary note, similar to that of Captain Olimar's journal from the game Pikmin. The town can hold up to 35 people, and there are 6 people when you start (every time it's a random 6 people). Everyday, a maximum of 5 people will show up at the town's hotel, where Toad works. He will let you go upstairs and see who's at the hotel. You can then ask them to move in, after which you must go out, find the best area for them and then they will move there (and a house will magically be there).

Another part of the gameplay is how your town changes. If you have more villains then heroes, then your town will have a more evil-vibe, then if you have more heroes than villains. Also, depending on who becomes the mayor, the town will be changed in various ways. For example, if Tortimer becomes mayor, more nature things will happen, and if Bowser becomes mayor, the town will have a reddish sky, and everyone will hail Bowser.

Similar to Tomodachi Life for the 3DS, the player's Mii will be able to go on dates, decorate their home, adopt pets, and get married, should they choose to.


There are a total of 1000 different people that can move into your town, every character is able to become mayor once their "Motivation Meter" becomes high enough, and every character has various tasks. Completing tasks, and giving the characters presents will boost your relationships with them, allowing you to become best friends, or go on dates.


  • Originally, the development for the game started for the Nintendo DS, before moving to the Wii, and lastly the Wii U.
  • The game was originally to be released on November 20, 2006. As the game was cancelled and forgot about, the game was later recreated, and to honour the original, was released on the same date, eight years later.
  • Originally, the 2014 remake of the game was to be called Tomodachi, Together.

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