It is beyond comprehension! Beyond space! Beyond time!
Finn, Adventure Time

The Nintendo ℝ⁴ is the next Nintendo handheld after the Nintendo 3DS. As the name suggests, it is built around the gimmick of rendering virtual objects in four-dimensional Euclidean space.


The ℝ⁴ has all of the new Nintendo 3DS's inputs. The C-"stick" has been expanded into a right control pad, and the triggers have been moved to the back of the system under the shoulders. New to the console is the control orb on the upper-left side of the bottom section. The addition of this input has moved the left control and directional pads down. Affixed to a string, the control orb can sense being pulled in and out of its notch, as well as its position relative to it along the other two macroscopic axes. This potentially allows for character movement along three dimensions of the 4D game world, like how the 3DS's circle pad allows it along two of a 3D world.


The ℝ⁴ has three screens. The bottom screen is a 4:3 capacitative touchscreen that can display two-dimensional graphics. The middle screen can display stereoscopic 3D and is resistive. The top screen is the console's main gimmick as it can display stereoscopic 3D and 4D graphics by taking advantage of a now-patented optical illusion.


  • 4Demo—A channel that shows various basic 4D shapes, as a tech demo of sorts to demonstrate the console's multistereoscopic technology.
  • Health and Safety Information—A channel that contains health and safety information about the console, its dangerous components, and its potential usage, as well as a legal footnote explaining that Nintendo is not responsible for their system releasing Cthulu into the mortal realm.