Characters Special 1 Special 2
Toad Mushroom Boost Mushroom Bomb
Waluigi Smoke Bomb Pickpocket
Daisy Flower Seeds Flower Jump
Hammer Bro. Hammer Throw Fire Ball
Blastoise Water Blast Shell Toss
Charizard Fly Flamethrower
Ivysaur Vine Whip Grow-Up
Reshiram Flame Thrower Engine Boost
Zekrom Bolt Tackle Engine Boost
Ganon Sword Bash Horse Ride
Tingle Balloon Bomb
King Dedede Big Hammer Inhale
Louie Pikmin Throw Double Rocket Boost
Metriod Life Suck Fly
Dark Samus Dark Cannon Ball Form
Preppy Toad Blaster Barrel Roll


Characters Special 1 Special 2
Tornadus Gust of Wind Tornado
Zenn Ninja Kick Immobolize
Meka Ninja Kick Bow & Arrow
Ottus Bite Disappear
Leeso Drill Outsmart
Douglas Aura Power Punch
Grim Technologic Takedown Power Punch
Pheros Sword Stab Bow & Arrow
Nano Darkness Invisible
Mateo Darkness Power Punch
Flow, Roman and Pine Ice Freeze Water Blast
Rare, Koro and Pyro Burn Blast Fire Breath
Raion Tree Burst Grow Up
Kaira Darkness Shadow Toss

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