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Not everyone's gonna' get what they want...

Nintendo & Fantendo RPG: Legends of the Lost is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It includes many Fantendo & Nintendo characters and is a Mario & Luigi series-styled game. It will be made on Game Maker or something similar to Game Maker.



Playable Characters


  • Mario - Everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber is back to fight the ultimate evil!
  • Luigi - Mario's younger brother is also back and cowardly as ever! Luigi's fears add a comic relief to the game.
  • Kirby - The pink puffball from Pop Star is eating his way through the forces of evil!
  • Pikachu - The most popular Pokemon is adding a spark to the battle!
  • Lucario - The aura Pokemon with a mysterious cause joins the fray!
  • Link - The Master Sword weilder and Triforce Master slashes his way through evil!
  • Toon Link - A younger Link from a different timeline joins the team!
  • Zelda - The Princess of Hyrule joins the team! Unfortunately, Sheik is nowhere to be seen... For now...
  • Waddle Dee & Waddle Doo - The two Waddles are usually part of a team of their own... They too add a comic relief to the game.
  • Ness - The psycic 12-year-old from Onett joins!
  • Lucas - Another psycic 12-year-old, this one more cowardly than Ness, PK Freezes his way through evil!
  • Claus - Lucas's brave twin brother joins the team as well! Like Sheik, the Masked Man is also absent...
  • Ninten - Yet another psycic boy, this one bears a striking resemblance to Ness, joins the fray!
  • Bowser - Mario's archenemy joins the team! (Surprisingly...)
  • Ice Climbers - The dynamic duo fights evil with an iron fist! (Make that two iron fists...)
  • Fox McCloud - The spaceship-flying Fox joins the fray!
  • Captain Olimar & Pikmin - The little astronaut and his army of Pikmin join the team!
  • Geno - The Star Spirit-possessed doll with a mysterious past joins the team with a huge array of attacks!
  • Mallow - The cowardly cloud creature, now Prince of Nimbus Land, joins the fray!


  • Unten - The brave Beorn and mascot of Fantendo joins the team to fight evil!
  • Henry the Moose - "The Forest's Greatest Hero" joins the team!
  • 3.14 - The somewhat dumb Game & Watch joins the team, as well as adding comic relief to the game!
  • Pesh - The brave knight-like Pouchet from Pushopolis joins the team, as well as his Pushies!
  • McBoo - The scary pink Boo joins the team!
  • Moyan - The great stick-figure joins the team to destroy the ultimate evil, as well as having some new motives of his own...
  • YoshiEgg Nook - The green Tanooki salesman joins the fray with his variety of items!
  • Bloop - YoshiEgg's best friend and ally is here and ready to fight!
  • Oxus - The green cyborg hare and swordsman joins the fray!
  • Purple Koopa Bro. - The purple Ninjakoopa joins the team with extreme stealth, speed, and Ninja-like attacks!
  • Karma - The Yoshi/Koopa hybrid and adopted Koopa Cousin joins the fray!
  • Vulcan - The radioactive green bird flies right into evil!
  • Shroomy - The black & yellow Toad hero joins the team!
  • Clyde - The Orange Yoshi and Tartan Army member joins the fray!
  • Lemmykoopa24 - The Scientist Wizard Koopa of Bowser Valley joins the fray!
  • Nelson - The friendly Chocobo joins the team!
  • Luz - The childlike lightbulb Kirby joins the fray with light-based attacks!
  • Archipeligo - The hero of Canvas joins the fray!

More to come...


  • Toad - Shopkeeper of The Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Starlow - Shopkeeper of Geno's Forest.
  • Sarah, Jessie, Samantha, Bessie, Mary and Crystal: Shopkeepers of Yoshi's Island.

More to come...


More to come...






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