NintendoZero is a villain and main antagonist in the Lemmykoopa24 series. He is Lemmykoopa24's Arch-enemy and is quite strong. Where Lemmykooopa24 is a magician and scientist, NintendoZero is a strong physical master. Despite this, NintendoZero is able to use elemental powers as well. He leads the Nega Koopa Troop.


NintendoZero appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. DS as an unlockable fighter along with Lemmykoopa24. To unlock him, you must play 10 matches as Lemmykoopa24. His moveset is as follows:

  • Standard: Thunder Shard
  • Side: Ice Roll
  • Up: Pyro Rise
  • Down: Darkness Void
  • Final Smash: Nega Koopa Troop

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