This is the first installment of my NintendoVerse series. This installment is still under construction, but I will appreciate pointers of where my story should go, and positive (and negative) feedback on how good it currently is.

Prologue: The Endpoint

I had come too far for it to end like this. I was pinned to the ground by a crazed Bowser who was about to burn me to a crisp. Also, I had failed my friends, destroyed my homeworld, and let this power hungry monster to kill my best friend.

"You really are too too good to live. Just when I thought I had finally got the chance to kill my worst enemy, you had to show up. When I led my army to the Watcher Base, you just HAD to be there to stop us. But I'd sworn to never be surprised by you again. You see, I made preparations! You can't stop us now! You could never stop us anyway!" Bowser shouted.

"My friends will show up soon and defeat you AND your army. You're doomed, Bowser. You better just back down now," I warned. Bowser stomped his foot in my face, and smiled evilly. "You'd better hope they don't do that, Michael. Because if they do, that would make this a hostage situation. And guess who would die first?!"

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