Biggest Bogus
TV Series Nintendo's Team Freaks
Season Number Season 1
Episode Number Episode 4
Basic Plot
The two teams' will each splits into seventeen normal players and three Giant players. The normal players must reach their respective gate before the Giants of the opposite team will defeat them.
Preceding Episode Son of a Beach!
Biggest Bogus is the fourth episode of Nintendo's Team Freaks. It involves a single but thrilling challenge; each team is splitted into seventeen normal players and three Giant (around 30 ft) players. The normal players must reach their team's gate, while the Giants will have to defeat the normal players from the other team as well as preventing the other Giants from harming their own teammates. The Giants can be defeated by both normal and Giant players, but they will come back right back to their spawn zone. The winning team is the one with the most secured players, or at least if the other team have lost all of the normal players.

Part 1

In the outside of the Game-House, at the basketball ground, Honchkrow and Ike (on the former one's back) were searching for Queen Sectonia, King Doo and Balloon Fighter, while Sheriff and Isaac were searching for Chibi Robo, Viridi and Kirby. They ended up to find each others.

Sheriff: Missin' someone?
Honchkrow: Yeah...three of our teammates were missing. Sectonia, King Doo, and Balloon Fighter, to be precise. I worried about what will happens to them.
Sheriff: Same here, boy. That littl' Chibi Robo, that mischievous Viridi and that not-really-dumb Kirby are missin' too.
Ike: Well, looks they were busy doing something, or that the Hands are giving something to them.
Isaac: How? Viridi is supposed to be penalized.
Sheriff: It is said to be a special role, but she will still get her penalty to make her waitin' for one minute.
Honchkrow: Still, they seems to be nowhere...

An enormous ominous shadow was seen behind Honchkrow and Ike, and Isaac does not believed what he just saw.

Isaac: Uh...guys...maybe I should look--
Ike: Not now, Isaac, we had just about to be here.
Isaac: I actually mean that there is something huge behind you!

Isaac pointed at the giant creature with a metallic armor, and who is shaped like round, with a yellow hair passed from the top. The other check it with astonishment.

Isaac: Move!

Isaac casts Move, a Psynergy, to push the giant armored creature, before the helmet was removed, who turns out to be King Doo.

King Doo: Eek! Take it easy, I just need protection!
Honchkrow: King Doo!? Honestly, how in the sky you get bigger?
Sheriff: Yipes! The others will not believe this when we tell what happened to--

R.O.B. had just arrived...with Balloon Fighter (also giant) following him.

R.O.B.: He had difficult time to float up with his tiny balloons so I helped him with specially-big balloons.
Balloon Fighter: It takes around twenty minutes to fill 'em up with helium, too.
Chibi Robo: Why do you need armors, King Doo?

Giant Chibi Robo came, while pounding the ground by simply running that shakes up the others quite.

Chibi Robo: I am used to be tiny, but now I am bigger even than with a Mega Mushroom!

Viridi, also giant-sized, arrived with a calm walk and sat down.

Ike: Even a girl?
Viridi: What do you have against allowing girls being big?
Ike: Nothing, I don't see female giants real often.

Giant Kirby came too, although he tripped and landed on R.O.B.

Kirby: Oh ho! Are you alright, R.O.B.?

R.O.B. pulled himself out of, with only a small damage.

R.O.B.: Don't worry, I got hit worse than that. Good thing that you are light-weighted.
Honchkrow: So, let me recap...If King Doo and Balloon Fighter had grown giants...
Sheriff: An' so does Chibo Robo, Viridi and Kirby...
Isaac: Was that mean that Queen Sectonia get huge too?

Sectonia, who is huge as Isaac mentionned, pop in with upside-down position.

Queen Sectonia: You guessed it.

Isaac get surprised and fall on his rear end. Queen Sectonia had giggled. The rest of Bursting Fists and Stealth Arrows also came.

Drago: There you are, King Doo! Did you get yourself hurt?
King Doo: (Assuring) I only fall, but no real damages!
Bowser: Man, too bad that I wasn't giant. Oh well, I did often in my in-portrayals anyway.
Mario: You said it, but this is not more difficult for-a me anyway.
Impa: If you said it, Mario. Make sure that you will not get stomped.
Mario: (A bit stressed) Lets-a not get into irony already!
Inkling Girl: Bah, I can live with that. But if I am giant, I'll just throw a Splatbomb to cover the whole opponent!

Mr. Game & Watch had made gestures to indicate that the Smash Hands should call them now that the players are united, but only Meta Knight knew quickly.

Meta Knight: Don't worry, we will find them.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand flew right to them.

Crazy Hand: And if you don't find us, we will find you! He he-- (Get hit by two pair of lasers at his pointing finger) Ow! Okay, who did that?

R.O.B. let a quiet laugh, not wanting to be scolded by anyone, especially either of the Smash Hands.

Crazy Hand: (Carefree demeanor) Oh then why wasting time for finding the sneaky shooter? Master Hand, I'll let ya explain. Ha ha.
Master Hand: Thank you, Crazy. Alright, I notice that most of you get surprised by their surprisingly larger size. I bet that it is something to do with the challenge of today, am I wrong?
Marx: Yes! Uh...actually I don't know--

Master Hand pinches Marx's mouth.

Master Hand: Then listen up, because you certainly don't want to be crushed and fail.

Marx's eyesight lessens as he don't want to fail, but he thought that it was Master Hand who will crush him if he don't keep quiet, while in truth, it is more the giant opponent.

Master Hand: Alright, lets get back to the important subject; today's challenge may seems simple, but it is actually require more on teamwork than previous challenges, to see if you are a bunch of team players...or a ragtag of team killers.
Crazy Hand: And by team killers, it is actually more than getting rid of their own teammates, but also deliberately losing their team! Ho ho! Uh, of course, don't do it, if you want precious points.
Inkling Girl: (Thinking) At least I am a team-player when I have to be.
Master Hand: And the challenge is, in the middle of a former battlefield with two gates at each sides, to safely get to there. The giant players must instead get rid of the opposing team's normal players to prevent that team from having safe players.
Crazy Hand: The giants can be defeated by anyone, but they can respawn unlike normal players, who have only one chance! Fortunately, there is a way to actually get rid of a giant! He he!
Master Hand: In fact. If by luck the enemy giant drop the Giant Gem by taking damage, you can take it and become giant in turn! Make sure to quickly get rid of the former giant afterward before it will do the same thing.
Crazy Hand: The Bursting Fists' Giants are Chibi Robo, Viridi and Kirby, while the Stealth Arrows' Giants are Balloon Fighter, King Doo and Queen Sectonia! I make it quick because we have some minutes left and the audiences from the safezone are waiting like they are bursting in excitement. Ho ho.
Master Hand: Don't worry, I'll take care of this in a literal snap!

Master Hand snapped his fingers, which this time caused two separated wormhole opens. The two teams get on their wormhole of their color.

Jirachi: Ah well, better than the last time.

The six giants have difficult time to fit in. The five of them get through in, but the second vortex was a bit smaller after King Doo passed through, giving Queen Sectonia the most difficulty to get in. She is even stuck.

Queen Sectonia: I can't even fit in!
Crazy Hand: We are gonna make you fit in, then! He he he ha!

Master and Crazy Hands pushes Sectonia from her back, while the latter one grunts in desperation.

Queen Sectonia (On the battlefield, from the end of the wormhole): Hey little guys!! Pull me out!

Her teammates help her to get out of the wormhole by pulling her antenna, making Sectonia to think again. She grunts in pain before finally get through the wormhole.

Master Hand: (Grumbles) Good grief, I should make a bigger wormhole or portal or anything next time I make a challenge like that!
Queen Sectonia: (Seeing her clothes are intact) You better do it, because I don't want my clothes to be ripped because of that!
Crazy Hand: Aie...(speak at the camera) That lady is still vanity compared to her portrayal...

Master Hand had made another finger-snap to close the vortexes. The two teams attempt to elaborate strategies, although some players thought that they should do their own methods, while others like Knucklemaster doesn't really understand the strategy.

Knucklemaster: Say we have to destroy the enemy's gate or what?

Most of his teammates leaves a sigh in exasperation, while Meta Knight facepalm in disappointment.

Swampert: No, the enemy's gate is right behind us! We must reach our gate right there, defeat our opponents and make sure that the enemy Giants will not get us!

Swampert point at the Stealth Arrows' Gate while explaining to Knucklemaster.

Knucklemaster: Darn, I should know that!
Master Hand (Telepathy): Now one more thing; the first one who successfully stole a Giant Gem will obtain the Immunity Bonus. Shall no one had done it, then it will be instead for the Giant who dealt the most knockouts. Now, are you ready? Go!

Notable Events

Sheriff tried to steal a Giant Gem from Queen Sectonia, but it did not worked at all and Sectonia had captured him.
Queen Sectonia: Silly Sheriff! I will not let the Giant Gem so easily!

She hanged him in a tree.

Sheriff: Doggone her! She is really a rough girl!
Viridi helped Rowlet to reach a higher cliff with ease, as well as giving him supervising at ahead to make sure that the foes will not attack him.
Chibi Robo decide to distract King Doo by throwing a rock at a cliff, where it made a tuck sound. This scared King Doo a bit, despite his currently huge size.
Impa helped Mr. Game & Watch by lifting him at a wall. The gate is further than they thought.
Viridi had hindered Stallord's searching by planting small trees on his way. While not too bothered, Stallord have to manually get rid of them, but he rather not as he thought that it will make him brutal when she is nearby, so he had to change his direction.
Slurpuff tried to use her combination of her Ability Sweet Veil and her move Sweet Scent to slow down the foes as they smell them, and Porky did get approached by the smell, much of Mr. Game & Watch's astonishment.
Queen Sectonia attempt to put troubles for her opponents with her shining scepter, and it did blind the poor Darkrai, who get hidden from that blinding light.
Stallord attempt to chase Viridi...but does to his slow speed and Viridi's size that permit her to go faster, he cannot catches her so easily. He dropped a sigh of disappointment.
Queen Sectonia, who decide to face with an opponent Giant, take on Chibi Robo to the point of stealing his Giant Gem. However, Chibi Robo, fearing that she will be too powerful to handle if she get another one, decide to run for his safety.
Balloon Fighter had captured Mad Piano, and bury the piano a bit on the ground. Mad Piano tried to move away to escape, but it has no effect for now.
Inkling Boy decided to distract Knucklemaster by shooting ink at his eye with his Splat Charger. This caused Knucklemaster to go awry in his directions, to the point that he even pushed his allies out of his way.
King Doo, without meaning to, had scared Viridi by being so close to her. She ran away in fright, which leaved King Doo pretty confused.
Ness had found a Transform Topaz and transformed! His telekinetic abilities are enhanced!
Ness: Okay! I better make good use of that!
Mallo had attacked Mario by surprise. Mario, who doesn't know what happened for him, decide to run away as he thought that he got attacked by a Giant, much of Mallo's confusion.
Inkling Girl attempt to steal a Giant Gem from Queen Sectonia, but the latter one saw her coming and captured her next, and throw her in a distant cave.
Inkling Girl: Ow! I was right for doubting about royalties!
Queen Sectonia: Goodness, this Giant Gem business is more complicated than I thought.
Mallo had chased Darkrai, but the Dark-type Pokemon is faster than Mallo is, forcing the latter one to change his strategy.
Swampert had set a trap by using Muddy Water to cover the ground into mud. Chibi Robo got his foot stuck on that, much of the former one's laughter!
Salvo had helped Jirachi to spot the safest side of the river, and both reached there with relative ease.
Rowlet attempted to scare Honchkrow with a loud hoot. Honchkrow was actually scared and fly away!
Viridi saw Rowlet's doing and decided to scare Drago by making a surprise "peek-a-boo", and this also scared Drago pretty easily with her louder voice thanks to her bigger size.
Inkling Girl got captured by Balloon Fighter, and put her into a high cliff. Not that she cannot escape but she still don't like it.
Impa got also captured by Balloon Fighter, who put her with Inkling Girl. The latter one attempt to throw a Splat Bomb at him, but it only hit the lost Isaac.
Rowlet gathered his efforts and to make it quicker, he defeated Meta Knight by surprise!
Meta Knight (In the retired zone): What!? That was quick! I should not let my guard down...
R.O.B. wanted to see Samus despite the others' disagreement since they are on a competition and the two are on the opposite teams, but instead found Impa and attacked her, who believed that it came from nowhere and tried to run for her safety.
Samus had defeated the still blind Knucklemaster by surprise with a good amount of shot from her Paralyzer Gun, and then athletics attacks on his eye.
Ike saw that something is not right and when he see Villager, he chased him but Villager had fought back.
Balloon Fighter had captured Isaac and put him in a cave. Isaac was not pleased and fought back.
Isaac managed to escape Balloon Fighter and tried to use Wild Growth (not the power that give him greater proportion but that grow thorns instead) to slow down Kine. This also damage Kine quite much instead of just trapping him.
Chibi Robo had reached the gate, but he is not suppose to do this and thus must get back to the battlefield.
Darkrai used Dark Void to put Drago into sleep.
Darkrai: Wow, I did not thought that he is that lazy. *Chuckles*
Honchkrow had defeated Viridi. She came back to her spawn point as she is still Giant.
Beruka uses her assassin skill to hide and attempt to shoo away Deoxys by casting a huge shadow of Kirby. This did scared Deoxys and fled.
Ness, with his powered-up state, had defeated Queen Sectonia. However, as she is still Giant, she respawned back to her spawnzone.
Beruka had attacked Swampert, as the latter one retreat, thought that it was a Giant opponent who attempted to leap into him.
Helmaroc King had chased Mallo, who called Queen Sectonia for help. She attacked Helmaroc as the latter one flied away in fright.
Kirby, who got bored as nothing happened to him as a Giant, had saw Isaac having troubles at crossing a roadblock. Kirby decide to inhale the pile of stones that caused it and Isaac thanked him for this.
Balloon Fighter had chased Impa, but the latter one decided to fight him back.
Inkling Girl attempted to stole a Giant Gem from the attacked Balloon Fighter, but he shaken back to avoid this.
Deoxys had transformed into...well, a mix of all of his four forms. Calling it Mega Deoxys may sound fitting but...anyway.
Marx decide to distract someone by yelling. It didn't help his team as he instead got his mouth shut by the annoyed Queen Sectonia for that.
Knowing that it didn't worked, Marx had found another Transform Topaz and becomes Marx Soul, much of Sectonia's surprise!
Balloon Fighter tried to stole a Giant Gem from Chibi Robo (who still had his foot stuck on a big mud puddle) but he got punched real hard by the latter one.
Chibi Robo: Wow! I didn't know that I was that strong! Must be the Giant effect...
Link hummed his way, and then spotted Mr. Game & Watch. He decided to make distraction by throwing a bomb behind him, which did startled Mr. Game & Watch very well.
King Doo get tired and decide to rest a bit. He got attacked by Porky, and he got frightened real hard too!
Ike, who thought that it will take forever, had defeated the Giant Kirby. The latter one was spawned back to his spawnzone.
Chibi Robo felt tired and take a rest for his turn. He woke up as Mallo attempt to sneak by, and the latter one decided to strike back.
Bowser growls as he haven't reached the gate yet. Too bad, has he got captured by Kirby (by inhaling him, mind you) and spitted him in a cave. He call for help, and Salvo attempted to help Bowser to flee, but Kirby captured them both and put them back in the cave, and installed a big boulder, forcing Bowser to use his brute force to smash it.
Bowser: Darn it! Not worse than defeated, but I could be stuck and then get assaulted!
Chibi Robo had defeated the poor Hyrulian (Link) by accidentally stomping him real hard.
Mario: Wow! Some-a real jump!
Darkrai uses his shadow to scare Kine away. Kine is frightened and run away.
Samus helped Isaac to take on Swampert, but this is not a bright idea as Swampert had taken down the tripped Isaac.
Samus: Isaac! No!
Swampert: Don't ya underestimate of the good old Swampert, Samus! Booyah!!
Helmaroc King got captured by King Doo. He put him on a big self-made nest, but Helmaroc was not pleased and called for help. Samus, after escaping from Swampert, help Helmaroc to escape by attacking King Doo.
Chibi Robo had made another knockout by kicking Bowser so hard, the latter one even roared in pain and was even sent to the sky!
Mallo had transformed! He turned golden, and his pushing ability and strength are enhanced.
Marx Soul saw the situation is not good for his team as they are losing teammates, so he hurried up and used his cutter to cut down trees in order to block Goomba. The latter one got really stuck in this path!
King Doo attempted to hinder Mr. Game & Watch by blasting the ground to make multiple holes. Mr. Game & Watch is frightened by the rain of Charged Beams and ran away.
Crazy Hand: Wow, this might take forever! Huh huh...
Master Hand: Yes, but soon or later, they will find a way to making to their gate much easier.

Part 2

Salvo attempted to stole a Giant Gem from from Viridi, but she saw him coming and block Salvo with her summoned vines.
Viridi had defeated Queen Sectonia, who was trying to unblock Salvo. Has she is still Giant, she respawns again.
Rowlet had found a Transform Topaz! His feathers are sharper, and his bowtie is a bit more decorated.
King Doo had attacked Mr. Game & Watch who was trying to run away, but the latter one had succeeded to hide.
Mad Piano, miraculously, was the first one to reach the Bursting Fists' Gate!
Mad Piano: Hey boys! I made it!

As he jumps up and down, he made loud piano bangs.

Samus: Well, what a lucky piano he is.
Stallord, disencouraged and frustrated, had defeated Inkling Girl. The latter one respawn in the retired zone and is not happy to be defeated.
Inkling Girl: Defeated by that dead scrappy!? No way! Ugh...
Samus attempt to chase Balloon Fighter for his Giant Gem, but he flied high enough that she cannot reach him.
Honchkrow attempted to grip Kirby with his talons, but Kirby was actually a bit too heavy does to his giant size and fled.
Inkling Boy had enough and used Super Jump when he saw that the gate is nearby.
Inkling Boy: Nyes! Now that's what I call a leap of victory--

He heard piano bangs from Mad Piano. It startled Inkling Boy.

Inkling Boy: Whoa, Mad Piano! Chill out!

Mad Piano cannot hear what Inkling Boy had said to him.

Inkling Boy: (Very irritated) Good guppies...Chill!!
Mad Piano: Whoa! Sorry! I was a bit too excited! He he!
Goomba had heard the racket from Mad Piano's banging and Inkling Boy's yelling, and thus reached the gate with ease.
Goomba: (Sincere) Thanks for the racket, boys!
Inkling Boy: any time, Goomba.
Drago had found a Transform Topaz and transformed into...a more dragonesque alligator.
Kirby tried to stole a Giant Gem from Balloon Fighter. It didn't worked as Balloon Fighter fled when he saw him coming.
Chibi Robo put a pile of rock to roadblock Deoxys. Deoxys, who was about to be squished, and fled as fast as he can.
Queen Sectonia had chased Samus. Samus had called for help at Impa, but the latter one fled as Sectonia gave Impa a glare.
Ike had chased Rowlet, who flied away for his life thanks to his enhanced wings.
Slurpuff attempted to do her trick used before to hinder Sheriff. He felt in love for the smell a bit, but this cost his safety as she assaulted him with Play Rough.
Ness attempt to hinder Honchkrow by unleashing PK Flash to blow up a cliff and put up a roadblock with a pile of big rock. Honchkrow shrug it off by flying over it. Ness wasn't too good about recognizing his opponents...
Mallo had attacked Porky, who called Kirby for help. Kirby came to the rescue and the big puff take on the little golden sumo.
Viridi got her eyes on a glittering stuff...picked it up with her thumb and index (given her Giant state right now), and turns out to be a Transform Topaz! She become surrounded with vines and thorns, as well as roses on her hair!
Helmaroc King attempt to scare Ike by screeching, which did scared the little dork and hide himself, embarrassed for being scared.
Porky tried to distract King Doo by sending a mini-Porky Bomb at him. Somehow, the explosion had startled King Doo so much that he jump high, then crash-land on spikes, which caused him to yelp and jump higher, and fall on the ground so hard he got defeated. As a Giant, he respawn back to the spawnzone.
Marx Soul attempted to stole a Giant Gem from Kirby. Incredibly, he succeed and not only shrunk Kirby back to his normal size, but also become Giant! Kirby was pretty frightened as it reminds him of a horrifying experience on one of his in-portrayal adventures and fled before Marx Soul had a chance to annihilate him!
Crazy Hand: Wow! Do you see what I see!? Ha ha!
Master Hand: Marx, or Marx Soul in the time right now, had received the Bonus Immunity!
Viridi, genuinely intimidated by the Now-Giant Marx Soul, and with one less Giant, things will be more difficult. She attempt to scare Slurpuff by making a giant tree that look like Trevenant. Slurpuff is not really intimidated but she is still blocked by the big tree.
Ike get tired and put into asleep. He got assaulted by Chibi Robo and fled.
Ike, after outrunning Chibi Robo, got sadly got captured by Viridi. She thanked Chibi Robo for the support. She putted him and tried wrapped him in vines. But Ike refuse to surrender and use Eruption to burn out the vines and attacked her.
Looks like Ike is having a little focus right now! He found a Transform Topaz and gain a more durable armor and is now a Lord! Or a king or whatever we can respectfully call.
Porky attempted to scare Marx Soul by using the same technique; the Mini-Porky Bomb scare. And apparently, this exploded at Marx Soul's ear, which make him a demonic screams and faints from his fright. Considered as defeated, he is respawned back to the spawnzone. Lucky for him that he stole Kirby's Giant Gem!
Queen Sectonia, in order to make her team win, had slammed the ground and made a straight path for her team to reach their gate. Brilliant, although the team Bursting Fists need to do the same thing!
Samus helped Villager to...advance to the gate, but the latter one is rather about what would happens next.
Queen Sectonia had defeated Mario by surprise. He tried to strike back and believe that he can defeat Queen Sectonia with real ease, even if she is huge. Bad luck, as Queen Sectonia had proved the opposite for the arrogant plumber right now.
Mario: Mama Mia! That little bee--
Inkling Girl: You mean a big bee, plumber. Seriously...
King Doo had reached the gates, but since he is Giant thus cannot go inside, he helped Mallo to get in there.
Mallo: Thanks King Doo!
King Doo: (Blushes) Oh, don't mention it! Ha ha!
Balloon Fighter had defeated Darkrai by punching him real hard. Ouch.
Queen Sectonia had captured Sheriff again, on another tree, but he counterattacked by shooting at her.
Jirachi had attacked Chibi Robo, but he fled as he don't want to his Giant Gem.
Viridi attempted to hinder Kine by growing more trees. He fled when he saw her.
King Doo had captured Samus, but she refuse to lose and attempt to steal his Giant Gem! She even made it and grew giant! King Doo had even panicked and didn't even know what is going on! She attacked King Doo, but the latter one escaped. She somehow put her Power Suit...because of the tendency of employees' sight.
Slurpuff helped Marx make him asleep? Oh well. She called Honchkrow to watch him.
Samus got her hand on the Transform Topaz and her Power Suit becomes Varia Suit!
Ike decide to distract Viridi by yelling "Aether!" while not really doing so. She thought that he is going to use Great Aether and took her distance.
Porky noticed that there is an easier path for the Stealth Arrows made by someone. This is not a good sign for his team...
R.O.B. attempted to distract Chibi Robo by using the Gyroscope. Chibi Robo thought that it is a bomb and run away.
As he ran, Chibi Robo attempt to scares Balloon Fighter by swinging his arms so wildly. This apparently leave Balloon Fighter motionless.
Impa attempted to stole a Giant Gem from the distracted Balloon Fighter, but that didn't work as he moved away afterward.
Master Hand: Time to accelerate this! The path to the gates are now easier to spot!
Queen Sectonia attempt to distract Samus by using light from her scepters. Samus called for help at Impa, but this is not a bright idea; Sectonia was aware what would potentially happens next and blasted Impa away.
Samus: Eugh, this is no good...
Rowlet had been captured by Balloon Fighter and is put in a cave. He attacked Balloon Fighter in retaliation.
Samus uses her missiles to break off the walls for the Bursting Fists.
Kirby attempt to hinder Sectonia by swallowing leaves to give him Leaf Ability, then spins leaves around her. This allow Kirby to defeat Queen Sectonia, who was sent back to the start.
Jirachi attempted to scare Samus by using Doom Desire on her. This did worked but Samus counter attacked in retaliation.
Stallord had been captured by Chibi Robo, who put him over a tree. Not a bright idea from Chibi Robo as this allows Stallord an attempt to snatch his Giant Gem, but he falls and failed.
Crazy Hand: To make things faster, the Giant Gems will now have a chance to fall if the Giant got defeated! Do keep it Giants, he he!
Queen Sectonia had defeated Samus. The Giant Gem wasn't dropped.
Mr. Game & Watch had reached the gate, much to his teammates' pleasure.
Samus had chased Balloon Fighter. Balloon Fighter had retaliated.
Viridi had defeated Stallord with roses petals. Sharp one, too.
Kine, fearing his team is going to lose, helped Queen Sectonia to support the two others to reach the gate as a payback. King Doo and Deoxys, to be precise.
Samus had reached the Fists' gate, and helped Porky to reach there.
Master Hand: The two teams are having a tight deal! But which of them will be the victor of this colossal challenge? Find this out after the break!

Break sequence ended.

Master Hand: Welcome back! The path had returned to normal during the breaks, but there is two additional Giant Gems to find! The Giant Player can even pick one to make himself or herself even bigger, but this can also be a bit reckless as he or she couldn't recognize his or her allies and enemies too easily!
Chibi Robo had helped Viridi to capture Queen Sectonia and attempt to block her inside a cave. Sectonia had somehow escaped and attempt to steal a Giant Gem from one of them! However, the two escape to avoid the fate.
R.O.B. attempted to hindered Kirby by emitting a big flash of light from his lens. This only startled Kirby and the latter one assaulted on R.O.B.
Queen Sectonia attempted to distract Samus with her bright scepters. Despite Samus' lens, this does blind her well for a while.
Balloon Fighter had found a Transform Topaz and his balloons are more decorated and more durable.
Samus attempt to steal a Giant Gem from Balloon Fighter. Balloon Fighter saw her coming and kicked her the moment she attempt to grip his Gem.
R.O.B. had attacked Samus without meaning too. Samus, decided to play the game anyway, called Viridi for help who was hidden so she will take assault on R.O.B. at anytime.
Salvo had found a Transform Topaz and gain rainbow-colored blobs as his body!
Queen Sectonia continue her distraction strategy by blinding Helmaroc King with her scepters. This doesn't works as Helmaroc's mask protected his eyes, and attempted to steal her Giant Gem, but she dodged when she noticed that it didn't worked.
Rowlet has been captured by Queen Sectonia who put him into a nest. He decide to hide so that no one else will take advantage and assault on him.
Queen Sectonia, thinking that her distractions will not always works, changed strategies. She attempted to steal a Giant Gem from Samus, and out of sudden, she did it! She is now even bigger than her normal size! Samus attacked in desperation.
Samus: What--No!!

The others, in the retired zone and Safe Gates, sees Queen Sectonia who was far bigger, and some of them are completely astonished.

Bowser: Whoa! I heard about queen size, but this one is beyond of even king size!
King Doo: (Screams) Gargantua bee!
Meta Knight: Whoa...I knew that a Giant will snatch one, but now this is rather...shiver-worthy.
Inkling Girl: You said it, Meta Knight! I was right about doubting royalties as I said before!
Bowser: And what do you have against royalties? (Stares at Inkling Girl)
Inkling Girl: If you ask me, they are usually harsher when not respected!
Bowser: ...You know what, I can't even deny it.
Slurpuff got captured by Viridi who put her in a small abyss. Slurpuff climbed and attacked Viridi with Flamethrower.
Beruka braced herself and attempt to steal a Giant Gem from Queen Sectonia, who had two of it. Queen Sectonia, who saw her coming, had easily overwhelmed Beruka and the latter one retreats.
Chibi Robo had attacked Slurpuff. The latter one called Jirachi for help, but she hided in order to be safe on her own.
Marx Soul had attacked Chibi Robo, who retaliated in order to defend himself.
Viridi attempt to distract Slurpuff who was fleeing from Chibi Robo by raining roses, which made Slurpuff calling Honchkrow for help, who used Hurricane against Viridi.
Chibi Robo had reached the Gate, but since he is Giant, he instead attempted to distract Marx Soul by feigned a whip. This startled Marx Soul and attempted to steal his Giant Gem, but Chibi Robo evaded the assault and run from him.
Villager had attacked Swampert with his slingshot, which forced Swampert to hide himself for protections.
Honchkrow tried to distract Chibi Robo by using Snarl, but this only caused Chibi Robo to run away.
R.O.B. had defeated Ness with his fully charged Robo-Beam.
Rowlet had found a Transform Topaz but he had already transformed.
Crazy Hand: Red alert, buckaroos! As of now, no more fooling around! Defeating is now more recommended, as the public are getting impatient!
Slurpuff had defeated Samus and Chibi Robo. The latter's Giant Gem is not dropped, so he is safe and respawns.
Kirby attempted to steal a Giant Gem from Queen Sectonia. It did not worked and Queen Sectonia shoved him away.
Drago attempted to cheat by getting out of bound, unseen, in order to reach the Gate. He reached there...but the Smash Hands appeared right in front of him. Despite having no face, they are obviously angry as they take position of about punching someone.
Crazy Hand: What the heck were you doing!? We saw you doing it!
Drago: Oh no...Wait, I can explain--
Master Hand: Too late! Disqualified!

The two Hands punched him so hard that Drago is sent to the sky. He then landed on the retired zone. His teammates are not happy about seeing him cheating...

Meta Knight: Drago...not nice.
Knucklemaster: What's wrong with that?
Link: Drago had cheated! He used out of bound which is not a honest way to get there, and it is not for nothing that the Smash Hands punched him as a way to disqualify him, and--
Bowser: That means that if I see him again, boy I'll vote him out for that! I know that he is supposed to be reformed, but he need to stop that if he want to prove that he really is reformed! And I hate cheating! So keep your opens on him just in case.
Drago: (Oh ho...I better be more clever than that...)
Rowlet attempted to distract Queen Sectonia by using Leafage. She can't see well with leaves on her eyes and loses her direction for a moment.
Salvo had defeated three opponents, which are Kirby, Helmaroc King and Beruka.

At the Bursting Fists' Gate, Porky had worriedly watched the scene of Salvo jumping in joy.

Porky: Oh ho! If we run out of teammates, the other team wins by default!
Inkling Boy: Darn it! That means the Stealth Arrows could safely get in their Gate without troubles!
Crazy Hand: Yup, yup! We should told that, but it would be obvious since you have to survive to do so! He he he!
Mad Piano: Well, that's certainly another loss for us if we don't watch out...
Viridi attempted to slow down Balloon Fighter by making falling petals. Balloon Fighter had saw that coming and fled.
R.O.B. had found a Giant Gem! He grew up into a Giant! The Bursting Fists must not let the Stealth Arrows to find another one!
Rowlet had reached the Gate safely.
Rowlet: Whew! That could be harder now that there are four Arrows' Giants and one of them is bigger than the rest!
Porky: Our remaining teammates better hurry up before we would lose by default!
Honchkrow had reached the Gate of Stealth Arrows at his turn!
Viridi had reached the Bursting Fists' gate, so she helped Villager to get in. However...
Master Hand: Attention, players! There are no more normal Bursting Fists players on the field! As a result, the Team Stealth Arrows' surviving normal players will also safely get in their own gate and then we compare to declare a winner.
  • For the Bursting Fists, the survived players are Porky, Mad Piano, Mr. Game & Watch, Inkling Boy, Goomba, Rowlet and Villager, making seven who survived.
  • However, the Stealth Arrows have survived players as Slurpuff, Kine, Ike, R.O.B., King Doo, Salvo, Swampert, Jirachi, Deoxys, Honchkrow and Mallo, making eleven survived players, which make them the victor of the challenge!
Inkling Girl: We lost again!? Humph!

Inkling Girl was preparing her Inkstrike to aim at the Stealth Arrows' Gate.

Sheriff: What dumb--Inkling Girl, stop right ther'!

Inkling Girl jumped in surprise and the Inkstrike automatically blasted away, which was heading into the Stealth Arrows' Gate.

Meta Knight: An Inkstrike is coming to our Gate!
Drago: What!? Hey, boys, look out!!

Not hearing Drago's warning, Salvo was actually looking at the sky.

Salvo: Hm? What is that missile?

Swampert had saw a mark where the Inkstrike will strike, which he believed that it is a bad sign.

Swampert: Everyone! Take cover!!

Many had saw the Inkstrike coming through.

King Doo: Eep!! Run!!

It was quite too late, as the Inkstrike had inked all of the survived players of Stealth Arrows, as well as the four Giants. Queen Sectonia was especially very angry.

Queen Sectonia: (Angered) My clothes! Who did that?!
Crazy Hand: Ha h-oh no! (Turned worried) Tension alert!
Sheriff: *Sigh* Did your mommy told you not to attack the others after your loss?
Mario: Mama Mia! Look at the bigger-than-queen-sized wasp!

Queen Sectonia tried to approach the retired zone of Team Bursting Fists, but Marx Soul, Balloon Fighter and R.O.B. held her back.

Marx Soul: No, Sectonia, take it easy!
Balloon Fighter: I know that you hate it but it will not change anything.
R.O.B.: Temper, temper, temper!
Queen Sectonia: (Still angered) You know what? I'll take a shower...huh?

The ink had disappeared. Queen Sectonia touched her clothes and somehow felt that nothing happened to her clothes after all.

Queen Sectonia: Oh dear...pardon me--

As Queen Sectonia approaches, the Bursting Fists still screams to see her huge, since she still have two Giant Gems.

Master Hand: It will be wiser if you and the other Giants gave up the Giant Gems right now...for good reasons.

The Giant players unequipped from their Giant Gems, which turned them back to normal.

Crazy Hand: Okay, back to the Game-House! Ha ha!

Back at the Game-House, in the center.

Isaac: Agh, we lost again! Could it be any worse?
Mario: Well we will win the next challenge, so there is nothing to worry about-a it!
Beruka: Um...if you said so...
Drago: Woo! Another victory! He he!

Bowser still glares at him, then sigh.

Bowser: (Sincerely worried) Good thing that your cheating didn't lead us to disqualification, otherwise we might really vote you or worse, the Smash Hands will penalize you worse!
Drago: Oh, uh...I'll try my best to not doing it again...
Jirachi: It could be any worse, we didn't loses anyway.
R.O.B.: True, but imagine if he did an illegal way to lead us into the Gate--
Master Hand: Welcome to the penalty ceremony. As usual, one player of each teams will be penalized, voted by his or her teammates. Whoever penalized this time will have an handicap for the next challenge that is a free-for-all challenge, being a good break of all of that teamwork from the challenges.
Crazy Hand: One from Bursting Fists wasn't being helpful enough for his team, and the other from Stealth Arrows had been caught know what.
Drago: Oh n--
Master Hand: No dramatizing until we announce their names! And the penalized are...Inkling Boy and Drago.
Inkling Boy: Whoa--what!?
Drago: Now it is time. Oh no!!
Inkling Girl: No way, Boy! I honestly didn't want you to be penalized! At best you did nothing bad at me...
Samus: He doesn't do many goods for us despite getting safe either.
Inkling Boy: Well, you know what? I can deal with it!
Crazy Hand: Wow! Some tough boy! But don't get too cocky with that! He he!
Drago: Mother of pickles--
Bowser: Ya know, I told ya about it. Playing unfair is rather impossible with the vigilance of the Smash Hands!
Ike: Yeah, you will go nowhere if you continued.
Drago: Alright, no more cheating. Fine.
King Doo: You better do, because it is embarrassing!
Stallord: All of that drama make me tired. See you tomorrow, folks.

Stallord leaves, but is blocked by Crazy Hand.

Crazy Hand: Heh-heh-hey! We will give points depended on how well were you get the gate so far! Then you can go to sleep!
Stallord: Darn. I should know that. *shrugs*
  • Those who are near the Gate, whatever if they survived or not are Kine, Porky, Darkrai, Helmaroc King, Inkling Girl, Mr. Game & Watch, Meta Knight, King Doo, Beruka, Goomba, Bowser, Mallo and Knucklemaster. Each of them had earned two points.
  • Those who were far from the Gate to their respective gate and/or entered the gate without helping the others very well are Slurpuff, Ike, Samus, Mad Piano, Salvo, Inkling Boy, Sheriff, Ness, Mario, Jirachi, Kirby, Deoxys, Rowlet, Villager, Honchkrow, Link, Stallord and Impa.
  • The remaining Giant players will automatically receive two points. It does not stack if there is more than one, which is Queen Sectonia's case. The remaining Giants are Viridi, Chibi Robo, Balloon Fighter, Queen Sectonia, Marx and R.O.B.
  • As Drago cheated in the challenge, he get no points. That what he get for that!
Drago: Shoot...
Master Hand: Alright, see you at the next challenge!

Master Hand: The Stealth Arrows got two wins in a row. Will it keep the pace and get a streak of three victories, or the Bursting Fists will get revenge and break the potential streak? See you at the next episode of Nintendo's Team Freaks!