Nintendo's Team Freaks is the reboot of the cancelled Team Trouble, and is directed by Samtendo09 (tbc). This TV animated show take place on a large island where forty various and selected Nintendo characters devided on two teams, and take on challenges that mostly involves team battle, but also sometimes a free-for-all challenge. They all fight for 1,000,000 Golds (in American dollars, this makes 12,353,674$). It will be aired at 2021, several months after the release of the Evo-Gem.

This take place in an "alternative life" where all characters are actors, and are the same as In-Series portrayal, but shows their real personality in Out-Series portrayal. This makes the premise more interesting as it reflects real-life actors, which the character itself is either nice or mean, but the opposite may be true for his/her actor.

Unlike other game shows, where each contestants must stay as much as possible until the finale, there will be no eliminations and instead uses a point system to determinate the two finalist (one of each team) which requires not only teamwork but also hard work.



Image Name Description
Master Hand SSB4 Master Hand "If you want to be the champion of this game, you must be smart, dangerous, diligent and be a good team player!"
The primary host of the show. He is righteous but pretty vigilant, and when not hosting any Smash tournaments, he usually just make Master Orders with commoners and powerful beings alike. He actually liked his role, as it is at least "not just being a boss of the game". He have unbreakable respect with Crazy Hand, despite their occasional conflicts.
Crazy Hand (SSB Wii U & 3DS) Crazy Hand "Haw haw! Time for the crazy party! I mean crazy challenge, but I suppose you know it already. He he!"
The secondary host, who is crazier, zanier and wackier than his right-handed counterpart. He usually have really just being a Super Smash Bros. boss and a Crazy Order host (usually, except on one particular game), which he doesn't like it too much, despite being able to spend time with his good leader, Master Hand.


All giant-sized characters such as Stallord are shrunk down to be only a bit taller than Bowser.

Image Name Description
685Slurpuff Slurpuff "Would you mind if I take the rest?"
Sweet, kind and loves food and is a good chief in-series portrayal. Quite the same out-series, but aim to win and will do anything to do so. Her various movepool make her very versatile and skilled, making her unpredictable for most of her rivals.
Kine Anime Kine "Once I know you better, I will predict you even better."
One of Kirby's animal buddies that provide him better mobility in water. He can be described as laid back and relaxed in-portrayal, but out-portrayal, he is a rather busy teacher in a literal school of fish, and was glad to take a break after becoming one of the forty lucky contestants. He have also have excellent logical awareness, which allows him to know his allies and enemies better.
500px-Porky-Minch-Smash-Bros zps6a48bd37 Porky Minch "You can laugh at me, but I will calculate the logic and make sure that the odds are at my favor."
A big bookworm who mostly studies geology and physics, and prefers calculating and using odds in his favor. He also does care for his men, unlike in Mother 3. He like to be with Goomba to make inventions, although he is usually the more successful and less naive.
Darkrai Dreamworld Darkrai "Do you even think that darkness is that harmful even in out-portrayal? I would suggest you to think before saying anything."
A mistaken God of shadows who is rather stern but very protective, while seen on his portrayal he is simply an evil Legendary Pokemon who just do what he have to do. He had a very disapproval on discrimination and will not hesitate to defend himself or the victims from the discriminators.
480px-Ike SSB4 Ike "Wait, how do you--Oh excuse me, I did not meant to do that."
He acts rather serious and intimidating but he's kind of like a dork in some senses and is quite gullible. he's polite and never really rude unless something irritates him enough. When this happen, he can be really intimidating at the point that some contestants are easily shaken up.
Zero Suit Samus SSB4 Zero Suit Samus "Well R.O.B., you sure need to be clean your lens time to time."
A galactic bounty hunter from the Metroid series, who is using her suit-less appearance on most occasions. She is kind of mostly to herself out-portrayal and doesn't socialize too often, but she does likes to tease her boyfriend R.O.B; they're in a very passionate relationship.
480px-Rob SSB4 Render R.O.B. "I'm-I'm sorry, I didn't know you were there..."
A classic add-on robot for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In his out-portrayal he is kind of awkward robot that means well, tries to be everyone's friend but a lot of people just tend to overlook him a bit. In a passionate relationship with Samus.
Killer Piano Mad Piano (Loud piano bangs) Watch out, out there, 'cause here I am!"
Mad Piano is just a mindless piano who has teeth that he tries to bite Mario with, irritating him with its heavily off-key music. Nothing else in his in-series portrayal. However, in his out-series, Mad Piano's all about getting that money. I mean, he got to find some way to feed and pay for his equally-genderless spouse and children, right? He really got a soft spot under its lid. He doesn't care about winning; he just wants to be happy. (Mad Piano is also genderless but is identified as male does to his masculine voice.)
HWL Helmaroc King Helmaroc King "Good grief! Don't you ever insult my chicks! My baby birds, not the cute girls, to be precise..."
A giant bird mainly motivated by 3 things: Killing Link, kidnapping girls, and winning. He is very wrathful and prefers finishing off an opponent quickly. Out-series Portrayal: This bird is very protective of his chicks, and is caring to a certain degree. He has been known to prevent harm to anyone he makes friends with.
Female Inkling Inkling Girl "Is that even the best you can do? For Neptune's sake..."
She is a pretty competitive fashion-loving Inkling who loves partying around and inking things up in Turf Wars. Out-Series Portrayal: A snobby girl who is motivated by greed and fashion. She doesn't like working in a team, but will be a team member when forced to, although despite that, some still prefers to be with Inkling Boy than her.
KSSU Marx artwork Marx "Ha ha ha! I told you that you wouldn't out-trick me so easily!"
A power-hungry jester who seeks to be the most powerful being of Pop Star in his in-series Portrayal. In his out-series portrayal...well, he is a big prankster, but also not afraid of fight and do the teamwork jobs. That being said, he actually have a bit of bad temper and becomes angry when his pranks does got backfired.
Balloon Fighter (SSBN) Balloon Fighter "Yay? No seriously, is that even a joke?"
Somewhat blank character with bland personality. He can only say specefic quotes that are small like "Yikes!". Nothing else to tell...except that in his out-portrayal, he can actually correctly speaks (more than just the mentioned quotes) and is passionated with other kind of video games, although he also dislike unsportmanlike behaviors and only want to have show his true potentials.
Mr. Game & Watch SSB4 Render Mr. Game & Watch "Blip blip bloop!"
Considered as the mascot of the Game & Watch portable consoles. A rather lively guy who loves to be a jokester. He usually uses signs to show what he is saying, as he can only communicate in blips and bloops. He is pretty much the same in the out-series.
Meta Knight Meta Knight "Are you sure that this is a wise solution? I will rather suggest that we shall keep going."
The smartest inhabitant of Dream Land, and has a very thick accent. He is somewhat commanding and very strict, and he has the Halberd at his side as a almighty weapon. Turns out in his out-series portrayal, he is actually snarky, but still honorable and much less strict.
Kingdoo King Doo "Do I really have to do this? Oh ho, I had a bad feeling about it. Brr..."
In his In-Series Portrayal, he is a loyal and brave king of the Waddle Doos, and tries to make sure to destroy any pink puffballs before they march into Waddle Doo territory and cause a beat down on all of the enemies in there. However in his Out-series Portrayal, King Doo is pretty much a great coward, and is pretty shy. He is strong in his own way, but he prefers to have his allies take out his enemies. Has been known to dabble in sabotage a bit. Has a major crush on Inkling Girl, but can't spit out his feelings about her.
Chibi Robo Chibi Robo "Yipee! You can stop me if you can, but I won't stop moving so easily!"
A rather bland little guy in-personality, but is very, very fidgety and always excited in his out-personality. He is always up and about, almost never sitting down unless needed to. Don't worry about his battery, it is settled for 48-hour long during the out-series.
Salvo the Slime Artwork - Super Mario World 2 Salvo "Slime hug! Oh, you don't like it? Sorry about that..."
A big slime who was a transformed Slime by Kamek who commanded him to attack Yoshi, nothing else particular aside of losing his size when hit. Out-portrayal, he is an affectionate fellow who acted a bit like an animal, like nuzzling people he appreciate, but can actually put up some good fight when dissed off.
Drago ACNL Drago "Ey, don't worry King Doo, as long as you are with me, we should be fine, burrrrn!"
A calm and lazy alligator villager who is pretty nice to hang out with. He has a lot of friends, and is generally a nice guy. Out-series Portrayal: A reformed criminal who is hoping to win the prize in order to build a prison where he could be the one running it, instead of being the prisoner watched by a warden. Will do anything to win the prize, even cheat! He is still a bit lazy though, and he has made a friend with King Doo, so he does have a bit of a good side. In fact, this even help him to reform even better.
A male Inkling ready for battle Inkling Boy "Whoa!! Stop jumping me like that!"
In-series Portrayal; a competitive Inkling boy who loves having fun and admires Turf Wars. His favorite weapon kind is a Splatling, and he carries it with him. Out-series Portrayal; the owner of a small fashion shop, and is very nervous because he is in a big debt. He really wants to win to get himself free from his debt, and to help his shop get known. Many does prefer him over Inkling Girl because he is more respectful in general.
The sheriff by crossoverbrony-d6o4x50 Sheriff "Howdy boys. I am glad that things goes well so far. Huh? What do you mean, I keep my eyes on Slurpuff? I had no grudge on her, but...well I had no special feelings on her neither!"
Act like a cliched superhero in-series, but in out-series, he is laid back with minimal cares, but seems to be a bit of things with Slurpuff. When things doesn't goes right, he is usually the first one to tell others about what they should do and what they shouldn't.
PTSR-Swampert Swampert "Dude! It is even safe to go through that? Even I would not dare to get in such a dangerous situation!"
In-series portrayal; a fateful Water-Type partner, starter of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, being the strongest starter in term of base stat total. Out-series portrayal; a surfer guy who, while living in the swamp, does like to surf around on the beach and is a popular guy among beach-goers. However, he can go from happy to angry when insulted or attacked, and will not hesitate to scold anyone who doesn't make things right.
QSectonia Queen Sectonia "As long as no recklessness from our teammates happens, this should be easy..."
In series, she is a beautiful but ruthless and narcissistic tyrant who will stop at nothing to conquer Pop Star and Floralia, but is thwarted and defeated by Kirby (and for real after being slayed as Soul of Sectonia). Out-series, she is simply a soft woman (or in her case, wasp-like creature) who is simply a bit vanity, but also very intelligent and clearly savvy, but also despise gross behaviors and disgusting humors, as well as no tolerance of recklessness. She also only becomes Soul of Sectonia (specifically the detached but with upper body and hands like in Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble) for battles, since doing so tend to make her have...insatiable appetite.
Beruka portrait Beruka "Everyone, stop with the fight immediately! No, really. I do not want you to hurt yourselves to death-and-regenerate!"
In-series Portrayal; a cold and distant assassin who is completely loyal to whoever contracts her. She barely gets hobbies, and cannot understand jokes. Out-series, however, she is a pretty caring individual who acts like a motherly figure to her teammates. She has a great hobby in playing instruments, and she often plays them when not in portrayal.
Isaac yendo alts Isaac "I'll handle them-- (trips) Ow."
A brave hero who believes in keeping the world safe. He makes friends easily, is very graceful and fast, and is really talented in combat. On the out-series, he is almost the same, but the one difference is that, when he isn't in his portrayal, he is pretty clumsy. This can even lead to an embarrassing situation.
Ness SSB4 Ness "Glad to see you again in out-series, Porky. While you are still the brain, I still have retain my tactical skill!"
In his portrayal, he is a 13 year old boy who becomes a hero that greatly enjoys baseball. He's not afraid to use his new powers to fight off evil and eventually defeat Giygas. When outside of his portrayal, he basically have big fond of most animals and also a master tactician, and have a habit to play strategy video games when he's not out for playing baseball. He is a little bit more shy than his in-series portrayal, though.
Mario-SM3DW Mario "Alright, let's-a-go-- Whoa! I honestly didn't see that-a coming..."
The Nintendo Mascot plumber in person. Mario is the courageous hero of the Mushroom Kingdom who protects the Mushroom Kingdom with everything he can do in his home series. But outside of his portrayals, he's an overconfident athlete who is extremely prideful. He does make friends, but his pride usually leads him into bad situations. At least he never meant to be mean with the others.
Jirachi Dreamworld Jirachi "Beruka, I just want to say that...wait, what was that sound!?"
In her series, she is a mythical Pokemon that is extremely lazy, and when woken up, usually is very childish and naive. Loves granting wishes. On the out-portrayal, Jirachi is a lonely person who usually has bad luck on dates. She has a major crush on Beruka, but when she tries to tell Beruka her true feelings, something bad is bound to happen.
GoombaNSMB Goomba "Porky, I bet that my inventions will be as good as yours--(Boom!) Eek! Why did you pressed that button, Knucklemaster!?"
One of many grunts in the armies of Bowser, this guy is usually prideful in thinking he can take out Mario, unaware that he is about to jump on him. Outside of his portrayal, Bowser is surprised from the fact that this Goomba is a great inventor who, along with Porky and sometimes a fellow inventor Iggy, invents great machines that can benefit people. Too bad he is a bit naive, and his machines are easy to take.
Kirby SSB4 Kirby "Looks like I have to hide my real intelligence, even if that Sectonia would easily know this, so I can trick my opponents for this one."
In-portrayal, he is the titular pink hero of Popstar, Kirby is dumb and childish, but can easily tell right from wrong. He loves eating his signature strawberry shortcake. Out-portrayal, he is actually a restaurant critic, and a good one at that. He is actually pretty smart, but prefers hiding it to give himself a advantage. He is also even better at seeing what's right or wrong than his in-series portrayal, and usually is the first to notice when something is wrong. The only two things that give him disadvantages are his big appetite and Queen Sectonia's savvy mind.
Viridid Viridi "Some humans will sing even if it is foul, which scares away many wait, the "S" sound makes "fowls" the incorrect rime..."
In her portrayal, she's a snarky goddess of nature, who often makes fun of Pit whenever she can. She has quite a bit of knowledge of Nintendo characters, but can be outsmarted from time to time. Out-portrayal, Viridi is a wise poet and ventriloquist who occasionally sees her allies and enemies as her playthings, and would rather want her in control, rather than who's currently in control. This can be pretty bothersome for her teammates.
Bowser - Mario Party 10-1- Bowser "Drago, I hate to say this, but you had to think again, because I have you know about how much I despise cheating!"
The strong, yet pretty dumb leader of Bowser's Castle. He is in love with Peach, and would kidnap her to rule the kingdom in his portrayal. Turns out that in his out-portrayal, Bowser is a brave and trustworthy Koopa King, who dislikes cheating and prefers protecting his teammates with his personal guard. He is also a pretty good tennis player, and is very talented at driving.
Deoxys Dreamworld Deoxys "A big skeleton monster, a beautiful queen bee, and two squid-like kids? Wow! I never see them in my eyes!"
A mysterious space deity of a Legendary Pokemon on the field, a pretty average dude out-personality, still a space deity, though. He uses his forms wisely depended on the situation. He is also fascinated about people he usually don't meet, especially Queen Sectonia, Stallord and the two Inklings.
722Rowlet Rowlet "Oh, yes, sure! I hope they will not get their grip on my feathers, though!"
An adorable Grass/Flying starter of the Alola region. In-Portrayal, he is soft yet self-defensive and protective. He is the same out-portrayal, but he also likes to meet characters that are hired by Nintendo in the earlier time, but also dislike arrogent people. He is not fully evolved, but he will during the season.
250px-Animal Crossing Villager Villager "Oh, that challenge?...Wait, no, I prefer to stay safe, whatever you like it or not."
In his in-series portrayal, a very kind human mayor/villager who is a errand boy for all the villagers in Smashville. With a gentle hand, he helps the village prosper by building public works projects. This particular Villager is also, in his out-portrayal, a diligent construction worker who builds sturdy skyscrapers. He has lots of courage, but his stubbornness to refuse a challenge can be damaging to his trust from others and thus someone need to bring him.
430Honchkrow Honchkrow "Yes, the Inkling Girl said that our team stinks! Wait...what!?"
A Dark and Flying type Pokemon who acts sinister and strange. With little cares for things weaker than him, he leads a crew of multiple Murkrow with him to pillage treasures and food from various cities. But don't judge him by his in-series portrayal and his Dark-Type; he is actually a kind-hearted messenger who leads a postal service in his home town. He can spread news very quickly to his team, but gossip can also be spread this way, and he doesn't make a good secret keeper.
Hw-link-skyward-sword Link

Link: "This is sick! It's like leaving a child unattended, or lying to a president--"
Meta Knight: "I believe you told us about that before, Sir Talk-a-Lot."
The silent protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. This specific Link is from Skyward Sword, and is the cleverest of the incarnations. He has great knowledge on his equipment, and can quickly solve problems. His out-series portrayal is a bit similar, but he is pretty talkative, unlike his silent in-portrayal personality. This trait may annoys his teammates, but such is probably a result of his silent in-portrayal anyway.

Mallo Mallo "Personally, I don't think that sounds very safe, even for a video game character."
A kind person who is friends with nature plays with giant puzzles called Pushmos, and helps save kids when they get stuck on top of them. In his out-series portrayal, he is a veterinarian who usually takes care of the video game pets when they are not in portrayal. He rarely lets himself get interrupted when doing his job, as he considers safety above all else.
6 - Knucklemaster Knucklemaster "Wait, are you the Master Hand in person!? Yahoo!! I've dreamed to meet you, hand to hand! Eh, not the way to fight of course!"
A giant hand that fought Link in the Skull Woods. With its voice in only roars and screeches, it is unknown what this hand's personality is, other than hating or simply wanted to kill Link. On the other hand, in his out-portrayal, he is actually a very huge Master Hand fan who does everything to try to become a apprentice to him. He is pretty dumb though, and his only chance of becoming his apprentice is the fact that he is a giant hand. His dumb trait can be sometimes irritating for Master Hand and the contestants alike.
Stallord Stallord "Aw yes, living beings. Some of them are beautiful, and most of them have more than bones. Too bad that I will never have these qualities..."
In his in-series portrayal, he is the skeleton of a ancient beast who was revived with malicious thoughts and intents. He has immense hatred torwards the living, and absolutely despises tops. However, in his out-portrayal, he is a giant skeleton who plays in a jazz band and has a pessimist view on life. He is pretty fond and envious of the living, and would try to use the prize money to try to make a machine that can bring things to life.
Impa Artwork (Ocarina of Time) Impa "If I were you, I will not hesitate to scold you or more if you make fun of the team I'm in..."
The wise and strong caretaker and protector of Zelda. This incarnation is from Oracle of Time, and is one of the Shiekah who use shadowy magic abilities. She is very quick when there is a problem. In her out-series portrayal, she is a talented fencer who teaches swordplay at a academy. She is very carefree and calm, but if you get her angry, she is prone to scold them and specifically them until she gets the anger out of her system.


Team Bursting Fist Points Team Stealth Arrow Points
Inkling Boy 8 Balloon Fighter 11
Mr. Game & Watch 12 Link 12
Chibi Robo 10 Meta Knight 12
Helmorac King 13 King Doo 14
Goomba 13 Bowser 18
Viridi 10 Knucklemaster 14
Beruka 14 Houchkrow 15
Isaac 11 Swampert 12
Rowlet --> Dartrix 10 Queen Sectonia 20
Samus 8 Jirachi 11
Sheriff 11 Salvo 14
Mario 9 Ike 11
Kirby 12 Marx 14
Impa 8 Kine 15
Villager 11 Deoxys 10
Darkrai 10 Slurpuff 12
Inkling Girl 12 Drago 12
Mad Piano 10 Stallord 12
Ness 9 Mallo 15
Porky 13 R.O.B. 13


It is said to have about twenty episodes and have each one challenges.

Episode # Name Description
#1 A Not-Too-Warm Welcome The forty contestants get a meeting in Challenge Island, then the forty person splits into two teams (which stays the same for almost the whole season) and for the first challenge, the two teams are put in a factory where they must find the secret exit. The winning team is the one whom one of the teammates found the secret exit first.
#2 Epic Winter Olympic The Winter Olympic Games? In the middle of a tropical island!? Well, in the Frostbite Mountain, it is possible. The two teams will split into ten groups of four, five from each of the two teams, and the five group of the team will take on the other five group in each game for each two group. This will warm you up! Well, not that much...
#3 Son of a Beach! After the winter games, back to the warm side. Two players, one from each team, will fight in a ring-out stage surrounded by water, for an advantage for his/her team. Then, the two teams will take on a mix of Beach Volleyball and Dodgeball mix; the Beach Dodgeball. It's like Dodgeball, but also with a beach volleyball for another purpose.
#4 Biggest Bogus A race to the finish to your team's own gate. The twist? Three of the team members from each team becomes Giants (reminder: all already-giant characters are only a bit taller than Bowser when not Giants) and will catch the runners of the opposite team! Talk about a thrill from...I suppose that you know what anime we might refer to?
#5 Mountain Cramps The players have to race at the top of the Mad-Might Mountain with landslide, tricky traps settled by others and threatorous mountain conditions! It is the first free-for-all challenge, and trusting someone or yourself too much will result some disasterous results!
#6 Nerve-Wrecking Wrecks A mental endurence challenge where in the first part, the players have to endure an annoying stuff that are better to not be seen or heard. The second part, each player take turns to make their specific rival to go crazy or angry.
#7 Freaky Spies! The two team must penetrate the Hideous Hideout (not a real hideout, just once a millitary excercice for elites) and get the Top-Secret Briefcase. They must defeat or avoid the guards at all cost as well as security systems of any kind...and a nasty surprise.
#8 Deal with the Guests!

The guests will be various characters from "promoted" fans' characters from the Nintendo and Fantendo series, who will be with each player, and the goal is to succeed their challenges, whatever it is zany, rough or insane. The team who succeeded the most challenges wins.

(Rowlet had evolved into Dartrix in this Episode.)

#9 Impress Your Mates The team-players will choose three of their teammates as directors, then the two teams will go through an audition to decide which four players of the each teams will go for the spectacle. The next part, they will do the performance of their selected rival to make it less easy than you will expect.


  • This is the first Nintendo TV show that is based on real-life actors-like portrayal, such as how different some characters are compared to their in-series portrayals.