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Nintendo's Hollywood Life
Producer(s) NintendoLogo
Distributor(s) Sony Pictures Television Print

The pokemon company

Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network, Disney XD, Nickelodeon
Genre(s) Reality show, Parody, Sitcom
Age Rating(s)
TV-PG icon

Nintendo's Hollywood Life (known in Europe as Nintendo's Movie Town Life) is an American television show that will air on Disney XD, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network in the United States. The show features many Nintendo characters in a live-action environment with many references to popular culture, as well as guest appearances of celebrities and fictional characters. The show, as well as its accompanying Web series that airs on YouTube, is produced by Sony Pictures Television and The Pokemon Company International. A movie is also being planned for release.


During the pilot episode, the Nintendo characters report to Nintendo headquarters but are worried about why they were told to do so. The characters are told that they have been offered to stay in a Nintendo-themed resort hotel (later referred to as The Nintendo House) in California for a while. The characters accept the offer, and their Hollywood life begins.


Using the video game Tomodachi Life as inspiration, the show features a live-action environment filmed in California with both live-action and animated characters encountering many weird and comedic situations. There are also a large amount of references to popular culture as well as news. In order to add in Nintendo's rivalries with Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) and Microsoft Studios (Xbox), Sony Pictures Television became the production company.

Version Differences

Besides major differences between the shows in the United States and International releases, there are two versions of the show and web series: Edited and Uncut.

Edited version

Edited episodes censor various content including references to and/or clips of movies, TV shows, music, video games, and even news articles and topics that are unsuitable for children. In the United Sates, the edited version is rated TV-Y7, and episodes air on Disney XD and Nickelodeon.

Uncut version

The Uncut version is the version of the show that airs episodes before the Edited version because there is less censorship. In the United States, the uncut version of the show is rated TV-PG (sometimes TV-PG-V depending on the amount of violence in an episode) and airs on Cartoon Network.

Episodes of both versions can also be found on the official YouTube page after premiering on television.


Both the edited and uncut versions of the show have also been subjects of controversy. The edited version has been criticized for being "too safe and different" in comparison to the uncut version. Some episodes in the uncut version do not air in the edited version, and vice versa, causing some criticism depeding on which episodes are not available in what version. Some critics even compared the edited version to anime dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment. The uncut version received more praise, but the American Family Association said it puts the Nintendo characters in situations that may damage these family-oriented intellectual properties and questioned Nintendo approving such content.

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