Nintendash is a racing game produced by Fritez Co. for the Wii U. It is a game quite similar to Mario Kart with quite a few diffrences such as characters from many of Nintendo's fanchice are starred in the game, mainly as playable characters.



(*indicates that the player must be unlocked)

Character Statistics

  • Handling:These characters have better turning and breaking.
  • Strength: These characters are able to cause more havoc with thier ramming attacks.
  • Luck: These characters get better items.
Image Type Series Name Special Item
Balanced Super Mario Mario Fire Flower: When this item is equipped Mario is able to throw searing fireballs that spin players who come in contact with them. He pauses after throwing two at a time. However, this item only lasts a short amount of time.
Handling Super Mario  Luigi Poltergust 3000: Luigi uses his Poltergust 3000 to draw nearby players, taking thier items and sucking in other objects and obstacles. Any items sucked up will be collected afterwards.
Strength Super Mario  Toad* Mush-Room: When used a gigantic range of the terrain near toad becomes composed of mushroom, this feild follows him, turning passed left behind terrain back to normal. When in this feild players (execpt Toad) bounce extremely high hindering thier progress.
Luck Super Mario  Peach* Heart: Peach transforms all items and item boxes on the course into hearts. If the player obtians a heart then thier screen will become a pink hue and become slightly distorted.
Luck Yoshi Yoshi Golden Egg: Yoshi will roll a golden egg forward. This egg acts like a red shell but passes through without breaking. After one lap around it will break leaving a star.
Strength Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Banana-rang:
Handling Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun:
Strength The Legend of Zelda Link Master Sword:
Balanced The Legend of Zelda  Zelda* Farore's Wind:
Luck Pokemon Pikachu Thunderbolt:
Balanced Pokemon  Pokemon Trainer Rare Candy:
Handling Kirby Kirby Copy:
Strength Kirby  King Dedede Wheelie:
Balanced Kirby  Meta Knight Mach Tornado:
Handling Kirby  Waddle Dee* Spear Pack:
Strength Metroid Samus Aran Power Beam:
Strength Star Fox Fox * Landmaster:
Strength Star Fox  Falco* Arwing:
Balanced Mother/Earthbound Ninten PSI Sheild:
Handling Mother/Earthbound  Ness* PK Flash:
Luck Mother/Earthbound  Lucas* PK Fire:
Luck Pikmin Captain Olimar* Shuttle:
Balanced F-Zero Captain Falcon Falcon Punch:
Balanced Animal Crossing Tom Nook Axe:
Handling Starfy Starfy Star Tornado:
Luck Chibi-Robo! Chibi Robo Wire n' Plug:
Strength Kid Icarus Pit Bow and Arrow:

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