Nintend'ems is a Nintendo-Hood'ems crossover game.


Kamek is angry at the Nintendo characters, and uses his magic to turn them into Hood'ems. This makes them Nintend'ems.


Image Name Appearances Level unlock
Hood'em mario Mario Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom
Hood'em toad Toad Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom
Hood'em pikachu Pikachu Kanto Kanto
Hood'em charmander Charmander Kanto Kanto
Hood'em mii Mii

Mushroom Kingdom (Face on billboard)

Mii Plaza

Mii Plaza
Hood'em link Link


Hood'em zelda Zelda


Hood'em face raider Face Raiders

Your House

Your House


Mushroom Kingdom

Kamek transforms Mario, Toad, Peach and Luigi into Hood'ems. Play as Mario and Toad. Level boss is Bowser.


Play as Pikachu and Charmander. Level Boss is Meowth

Mii Plaza

Play as two Miis of your choice. Level Boss is some random Mii not chosen to play.


Play as Link and Zelda. Level Boss is Ganondorf.

Your House

Before playing this level, you must take pictures of different locations. It can have up to 20 pictures, but only needs 2, so when you go out you can take a new picture! Play as two Face Raiders, with your photo. Level Boss is a random identified face on your photo album.

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