The summer movie released for Revolution Sentai Nintenchoger. It includes a wide variety of Other Heroes, including the return of the Third Party.


A mysterious being known as Masute who brings the strongest warriors in the universe to fight in a tournement. Among these are the Nintenchogers, the Jinzeocho, the Thrid Party, two mysterious boys known as Locke and Cross, and many others. 



A team of 6 who where chosen by the being Iwata to fight against Jinzeocho, and save Earth. The members include Eiji Akai-NintenSuper, Taro Hikari-NintenFierce, Tsubame Takara-NintenHyper, Denki Shou-NintenEx, Kiba Hoshino-NintenUltra, and Souji Tendou-NintenSacred. Based on Mario, Link, Samus, Pikachu, Kirby, and Pit.


An evil armada, made from the combined armies of Kannon, Powzar, Lidray, K.Shou, and Akishimu. They seek to take over Gamuchu, the world which connects all dimensions, and rule over all of Time and Space. Based on Ganon, Bowser, Ridley, Ghestis/N, and Nightmare.


The evil copies of the Nintengers. Composed of JinzeoSpecial, JinzeoShadow, JinzeoDark, JinzeoSpell, JinzeoPlasma, and lead by JinzeoHades. Based on Wario, ShadowLink, Dark-Samus, Mirror Kirby, and any evil Pikachu.

The Third Party

A ragtag team of random people who gained powers from seperate ways. The team consists of SonicBoom, SpiralDragon, StreetFighter, SolarBoy, and DreamTraveler. Based on Sonic, Spyro, Ryu, Django, and Klonoa.

Locke & Cross

Two mysterious young boys who appear to have no powers, but in truth, they both have powers which could defeat the Nintenchogers with ease. Based on Megaman and the Animal Crosser.

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