Ninten 4-th Slips In! - Ninten's Reveal Trailer.

This is the page for the fighter Ninten in Super Smash Bros. Flood.



Up Special: 4-th Slip. Works like Mewtwo's Up Special.

Side Special: PSI Teleport. Ninten runs horizontally even in the air. If it hits an opponent, a small explosion will take place.

Neutral Special: PK Beam. Sends out a beam like Palutena's Up Smash.

Down Special: PSI LifeUp. Heals 3% every two seconds.

Final Smash: Eight Melodies. Sings the Eight Melodies with Lloyd and Ana. His opponents fall asleep. After the first Four Melodies, Ninten stops singing and can attack again.


Up Smash: Sends out a rocket.

Side Smash: Throws a boomerang.

Down Smash: Throws a bomb.


Tether: No.

Pummel: Sends out flees.

Up Throw: Throws his opponent upwards, then sends out a rocket.

Forward Throw: Throws his opponent forwards, then hits him with a lazer.

Back Throw: Wraps his opponent in a rope, then unwraps him.

Down Throw: Holds his opponent down, then sprays him with insectide.

Neutral Attacks

A-A-A: Punch-Punch-Kick

Up Tilt: Hits the opponent with a stungun.

Side Tilt: Hits the opponent with a ruler.

Down Tilt: Burns his opponent with a Flamethrower.

Dash Attack: Yells through a Bullhorn.


Up Aerial: Swings his bat upwards.

Neutral Aerial: Throws a boomerang over his head, which circles around him.

Forward Aerial: Fires a slingshot. Works like Villager's slingshot.

Back Aerial: Fires a lazer behind him.

Down Aerial: Swings his bat downwards.


Up Taunt: Sings a melody. Everytime this taunt is pressed, Ninten will sing another melody.

Side Taunt: Plays on his ocarina.

Down Taunt: Pulls out his inhaler, and uses it.

Idle #1: Stands on the tip of his toes, swings his arms a little and stands straight again.

Idle #2: Crosses hs arms and nods.

Entrance: PSI Teleports on the battlefield.

Win #1: Says "Well, now this battle is finally over, I think I'll just lay down for a moment and-" then falls asleep.

Win #2: Throws a boomerang and catches it.

Win #3: Uses words of love.

Lose: Uses swear words.

Victory Theme: The EarthBound Series Victory Theme from Brawl/Smash 4.

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