Ninten is a secret newcomer character in Super Smash Brothers - The Ultimate Fight.


Ninten is the main character from Mother, the first game in the Mother/Earthbound series. He lives together with his sisters, his father, his mother and his dog in a house in the northern outskirts of Podunk.


Ninten plays really similiar to Ness. He has almost the same speed and jump height as Ness. He even has Ness's "unique" double jump. However, he is far from a Ness clone. All of his attacks, both normals and specials, are different from Ness's attacks. Ninten is more mobile than Ness, being able to move quickly with his Teleport and 4th-D Slip attacks. He also uses his baseball bat in a lot of his attacks. His attacks are generally weak, so he can be considered a hit-and-run character like Sonic.

How to unlock

To unlock Ninten you must do one of the following:

- Play 550 fights in standard fight mode

- Unlock all of the music from the Mother series

- Encounter him in the story mode

After one of the following (except for the third one), the player must beat Ninten in a fight in the Mt. Itoi stage.


Neutral Attack - Kicks and headbutts.

Side Tilt - Long-range sweep with his baseball bat.

Up Tilt - A short hop with a headbutt.

Down Tilt - Sweeps his right hand next to the ground.

Side Smash - Puts his right hand in front of him and creates a PSI spark.

Up Smash - Punches upwards.

Down Smash - Shoots PSI to the ground in both sides at the same time.

Dash Attack - Stops suddenly and punches with both hands.

Neutral Aerial - Spins, hitting with his baseball bat.

Forward Aerial - Kicks forwards.

Back Aerial - A hand sweep backwards.

Up Aerial - A flip kick powered with PSI energy.

Down Aerial - A drill kick powered with PSI energy.

Grab - Grabs with both hands.

Pummel - Shocks the enemy with PSI energy.

Forward Throw - Throws the enemy forwards and shoots a PSI spark.

Back Throw - Throws the enemy backwards and uses his mind to knock the oponnent further backwards.

Up Throw - Covers both hands with PSI energy and throws the enemy upwards.

Down Throw - Throws the enemy to the ground and shocks it with PSI energy.

Floor Fttack - Gets up and spins, hitting with his baseball bat.

Edge Attack - Gets up and creates a PSI spark in front of him.

100% Edge Attack - Gets up slowly and hits with his baseball bat.

Special Moves

Neutral Special - PK Beam

Side Special - 4th-D Slip

Up Special - PK Teleport

Down Special - Power Shield

Final Smash - Eight Melodies

Victory Theme

Until 0:13

Ninten's Victory Theme02:01

Ninten's Victory Theme

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