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Ninten4Online is a Console used to mainly play online.

It is simple as 1-2-3.

One: Register, by typing your username and password. ( Yes, the Keyboard is avalable with it! )

Two: Confirm it. The Nintendo Online Server will verify if it already exist or inappropriare. ( Ex: Foul language, sexuel theme, and other inappopriate for children. )

Three: Insert a game that is compatible for it and Ta-da!

Nintendo give rights to Sony and Microsoft to copy this Console but with different name. Sony told that this Console is way more programmed then a PC.

It takes 5 years to finish this powerful Console.


The controller is similiar to the GameCube one, but is slightly bigger. There also two Z Buttons like certain type of controller for the GameCube.

Appearence of the Console:

It bigger then the PS3, but also have avalable in five colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Black.

The Disc Holder is centered and the Memories is strored inside just like the Wii. The Controller can be plugged at the front, which is up to 4 players can play locally.


IGN call it " The next and better generation of Wi-Fi" because every player of it is able to play online. It receive 9/10. 9/10? Because it can only chat in PictoChatV2 for now.
250px-Nintendo svg

We promote the Online Play!

Gamespot give a perfect score to Ninten4Online. It said " Too cool to resist or hate. It will be great because you will be Online with no problum. The next game is too exiting! "

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