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Nintari Portal 63 1/3
White Nintari Portal 63 1/3
Developer(s) Nintendo
Console Type Handheld
Ability to download the internet.

The Microsoft Vita 63 1/3 is a handheld made by Nintendo. It's the successor to both the Vita and the 3DS, signifying a unity between the two companies with help from 3rd party company Atari. It was released in March 2009, after a month earlier in Japan. The 300% larger screen was noted as an iconic feature putting it ahead of other handhelds in the market.

All versions of the console come with Clayfighter 63 1/3, and the mascot of the console is Bad Mr. Frosty of the Clayfighter series, seen in the Nintari Portal 63 1/3 commercials telling gamers to "Stay Cool!" ahead of the competition.


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