Ninna is Rosalina's mother. She is dead, under Rosalina's old home's garden. Rosalina misses her a lot.
Rosalina's mother

Rosalina's mother


Here we can see Rosalina's story, she misses her mother:

Super Mario Galaxy - Rosalina's Story09:43

Super Mario Galaxy - Rosalina's Story


She was wise, nice and lovely, above all, with her daughter.

And she was adventurous, so, Rosalina inherited her adventurous spirit.

Ninna's favourite daughter was Rosalina, and she watches stars with her under the moonlight.

Physical appearance

She was pale, blonde, and her eyes were cyan, like her daughter's eyes.

She had a great akin with her daughter, but her look was sad, and her hair was wavy.

She wears a blue-grey long dress, a golden neckwear and two golden earrings.


Here is the gallery:

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