Ninja Cafe: Katana Cooking!
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Megamer
Release Date(s)
March 2013
Story Mode

Challenge Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Rhythm/cooking sim
Series Ninja Cafe
Media Included 3DS cartridge, Megamer Mini-Disc

Ninja Cafe: Katana Cooking! is the first title in the Ninja Cafe series, first released on the 3DS, and ported to Megamer later on. It is a unique mix of cooking simulation and rhythm-based minigames, with a story mode to make certain meals, or a challenge mode to see how fast you can make one meal.


The gameplay was heavily inspired by the Cooking Mama games, with elements of WarioWare thrown in.  You choose your meal, and go through a series of minigames utilizing the touchscreen and buttons, with a time limit of ten seconds.  Each meal has the same order of the same minigames, but speeds up as you do better.  If you fail a minigame, you lose a life, and redo the minigame.  Lose 3 lives and you have to restart from the beginning of the meal.  While in story mode you cook 5 dishes, there's a selection of 25 dishes to make in challenge mode, with 5 being unlocked with every completed section of story mode.


In Shinobiville, there's a little local restraunt on the street corner known as Ninja Cafe, with some of the best food around, made by expert chefs.  One peaceful day, a young man named Riyusi notices an help wanted poster, and signs up to learn from the best and become a master chef through lots of training from his fellow employees!  Along the way, he'll learn how to cook the best meals from the chefs there, and he'll be prepared to face anything in the way of him becoming the next famous chef in Shinobiville!

Title Chef Description
Fruit Salad Dash! Pichiki Learn Pichiki's fruit salad recipe from the lady herself!
Mashed Potato Endurance! Potetin See how good your skils are with this challenging meal!
Sundae Challenge! Cheeri Cheeri may be young, but she'll teach you in this cold course!
Fried Rice Gaunlet! Sensei Sensei, the owner of the shop, is gonna teach you how to make his famous fried rice!
Final Test! Pizza Delivery! n/a When a surprise order for pizza comes up and is needed in under 15 minutes, you must use all your skill to make and deliver an awesome pizza!


Riyusi Riyusi is a new chef with a heart of gold at Ninja Cafe!  He may not be skilled with a katana, and his skills as a ninja leave more to be desired, but he never gives up, and will always make sure his meals are the best!
Pichiki Pichiki is the heart of the Ninja Cafe crew, and granddaughter of Sensei.  She specializes in meals with fruit, and is your first teacher.  She may be a bit naive and clumsy, but her fruit salad can't be beat!
Potetin Potetin is a tough guy at first glance, but a softie on the inside.  He specializes in hearty meals, from stew to his great mashed potatos.  He may act cold and distant, but he's a dependable friend.
Cheeri Cheeri is the youngest employee on the crew, but a child prodigy when it comes to cooking.  She may only be 6, but her sweets are the best in town, especially her sundae!  While at first glance she's bratty, she'll always stick up for her friends.
Sensei Sensei is a mysterious old man, and the original founder of Ninja Cafe so many years ago.  He is a bit cranky, but he can make almost any meal you want.  His most well-known dish is his rice, which people come far and wide for.
Jill Jill is from far away, and came to Shinobiville to find her true love.  She loves eating at Ninja Cafe, and in the final mission, you have to deliver a pizza to her wedding in under 15 minutes!
Oil Oil is the leader of a local biker gang known as the Slicks, and he's a real jerk.  He's always coming into Ninja Cafe to mess with the employees, and he's prepared to ruin your delivery in the final mission.


Soon after the release of the game, free DLC was released through the eShop- the first release was a Meals Around The World pack for challenge mode, including tacos, hamburgers, ratatouille, and two others, while the second was a new mission in story mode, known as "Extra! 8-bit Banana Split!",  with a new meal for challenge mode included, bringing the total of challenges up to 36 (counting the Meals Around The World pack) meals.


No major reviews have been made, but intial reception was positive, with people describing the idea as unique and having potential.  Reviewers can put their reviews here.


  • It was originally developed by PDProductions, but production went to UniversalGaming Inc. upon PDProductions dissolving and becoming a part of Universal.
    • Soon after this, the game came out on Megamer, in summer 2013.