Teh Ninmario Corporation

Teh NinMario Corporation Logo

NinMario is an upcoming video game compony, founded by Qwertail. The logo is not yet made. Only the corporation logo is confirmed. So far, it has 3 major consles. the consles are the fist 3 consles in the list of upcoming consles. A major consle is, when in developing, the one with the most games. This compony is separated into 2 catergories:

Teh NinMario developing crew

Teh NinMario publishing crew.

When they are used together, they will become:

Teh NinMario Corporation (Develop and Publish)

Upcoming Consles



The L System

Genesis 2

DS Lite U





Meta Zipher K


Cancelled consles



Wii Z

Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System

Upcoming Games

Wii U

Super Mario smash bros.

Tumble party

If U were Mii

New Super mario bros. Wii D.I.Y.

Fawful D.I.Y. (tenative title)

Waluigi (tenative title)

Excite Bike Mario twist!

excite bots 0 gravity

the fairly odd parents in: Operation Dinkleberg

Hitler: A bloody mess

haunting+little kids=screams

Math zero01 (tenative title)


New Super Mario Bros.U


Nintendo Land

Noodle Mayhem

Kirby's Olympics




Mario Kart 64 DS


Idakia Street U.S.A.


Donkey Kong 4

Mario Bros. in Hollywood

Link and the legend of the golden sowrd

The Tsunamai (tenative title)

Pubert's disease part 1


Harry Potter meets the Addams family


New super mario Bros. KiWii

Uh-oh! Here comes Shadow Mario

The tale of Bowser in super Mario Bros. 4

The Devil

Mario kart KiWii

Freakyforrms: Creations more advanced!

The Invention of Hugo Kabret the Kremling

Pubert's Disease: Part I

Super Smash Bros. All for One

Mario and Sonic at the soccer fields

Mary, Pippin, and Treebeard

Super mario -64

Luigi's Mansion 3: Over my dead and decomposed body!

Scooby Doo meets eats the Addams Family

The Fairly Odd Parents in: Super Baby

Mario Kart: Mario Dies!

The Superstar Saga adventures of Mario

Paper Luigi

Luigi and Daisy: Part 1

Here comes the Addams Family! (There goes the neighborhood.)

Bakemon Black

Bakemon White

Bakemon Orang3


Harry Potter Meets the addams Family


Freakyforms 4DS (Freakyforms: Creations More Advanced for the 4DS)

Pubert's Disease Part 1

Chapter 4: Treebeard (Mary, Pippin, and Treebeard for 4DS)

Super Mario -64 4DS (Super Mario -64 for 4DS)

Bakemon (Bakemon White for 4DS)

Mario and Luigi: Neverending Saga

The 'Sim'psons

The 'Sim'psons: Lisa's Zit

The 'Sim'psons Halloween

The 'Sim'psons: Bart Discovers Fantendo Wiki

The 'Sim'psons: A new 'Sim'pson in the house!

The 'Sim'psons: The Chronicles of Narnigie

The 'Sim'psons and Catch Double Pack!

Kill Twilight!!

Mario and Luigi: Partners with Geno



Mario v.s. Lanky Kong: March of the Mickies

The L System

Luigi's Mansion (Luigi's Mansion Remake)

Luigi's mansion 2 (Luigi's Mansion 2 remake)

Luigi's Mansion 3 (Luigi's mansion 3: Over my Dead and decomposed body for The L System)

The Simpsons Movie

Just Dance: The Simpsons Movie

Super Mario RPG: Hogwarts Part I

Super Mario RPG: The sowrd of Godric Gryffindor (The second Part of Super Mario RPG: Hogwarts)

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 stars: The 2nd star is missing!

Christmas with the Addamses

Super luigi Bros.

Mario Bros. 2

Mario and Wart (Remake of Super Mario Bros. 2)

Wart Strikes again! (Sequel to Mario and Wart)

Everybody dance kill now!

The world that lasts forever

The Addams: Season 1

Death 1

Noir the Cat Kong

Mario's Shooting Range

Luigi's Shooting Range

Peach's Shooting Range: The Dumbest game ever!

Daisy's Shooting range: The most Violent game ever!

Daisy's Shooting Range: Worlds of EVIL

Mario's Shroobing Range

Luigi's Shroobing Range

Daisy's Shroobing Range

Mario FIA

Mario and Sonic at the soccer fields

Lego Harry Potter: Battling the Demonic Derslies

Lego Harry Potter: Return of the Tanooki Leaf (The sequel to Lego Harry Potter: Battling the Demonic Derslies)

Lego Sonic and the Black Knight

Super Mario Bros. FIA

Super Mario Bros. F1 (The sequel to Super mario bros. FIA)

The trilogy of Tinker Toy: The great adventure

Mario Party Pooper

Genesis 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

Silver the Hedgehog: Mystery of the silver cave

Diddy Kong Pilot

Diddy Kong and Tails Pilot (Sequel to Diddy Kong Pilot)

DS Lite U

New Super Mario Mario Bros. Mii

Chase Mii

Mario Kart DS 2


Chase Mii

Mario Kart Mii

Super (your name here) Bros.

The Addams Family: A new Musical

Bart Didn't do it, man!


Chase Mii

Mario Kart Mii

Super (Your name here) Bros.

The addams family: A new musical

Mario meets Spongebob


Flipnote Studio

The Stick

Third-Dimension S

Mario Kart: Legends of the Golden Glider

The adventures of Tanooki Luigi

Peach's Castle: A Game Cube Demo Remake

Cancelled games


The Stick 2: STARE AT IT! (Sequel to The Stick)




Disney Channel HD: The video game


KiWikia: Wikia for KiWii!


  • The Third-DimensionS is just like a 3DS, and can even play 3DS games. However, the Third-DimensionS is diffrent because it's always set on maximum 3D. It is always set on that because there is no 3D slider.

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