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Come on, Jack. We've got a city to defend.
NinJon, Quest of the Ninja

NinJon wielding a sword with art by Plazz (tbc)
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Main Weapon(s) Sword
First Appearance Quest of the Ninja
Latest Appearance Quest of the Ninja (Official)

Fantendo Jet Rush (Spin-off)

NinJon is a ninja created by Electric Enterprises, and is their current mascot. He was a normal 13-year-old boy, living in the town of Ninja Central. When his town was attacked, Jon ducked for cover, realizing that he'd entered a ninja dojo. NinJon trained and got ready to defeat the attacker.


NinJon is, well...a ninja, hence the 'Nin' in his name. He is calm most of the time, but in battle he can become rather fierce. He has a sword that he uses most often, but can sometimes gain help from items such as the Slam Hammer. NinJon can also get very excited when things are going his way or he's killed a lot of enemies, but the opposite when he fails to preform actions multiple times.


Quest of the Ninja

In Quest of the Ninja, NinJon is the game's only playable character. He travels across ten lands to find and destroy his nemisis, Shadron.

NinJon 2: The Next Guardian

In the upcoming sequel to Quest of the Ninja, NinJon returns as the main hero.

Relationships with Other Characters


Jack is NinJon's best friend. The two hang out almost all the time, and go on their first adventure together in Quest of the Ninja.


Ever since their first confrontation, Shadron and NinJon have been major rivals. They stop at nothing to destroy the other. It's kind of an interesting relationship they have.