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NinEd is a video game console released by Nintendo that claims to change how people see educational video games. The name is short for Nintendo Education. The system is a side project and will not replace any current Nintendo system


The NinEd is not specifically targeted towards children. Players can be any age.

Players fall into one of four levels: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College & Beyond. The levels are marked with a green circle (recommended), a yellow triangle (requires caution) or a red X (not recommended) and are found on the back of a game box. The difficulty of the skills, as well as the ESRB rating of a game, will have an effect on what school levels are recommended.

Skills learned fall into five categories: Math, Reading & Writing, History & Geography, Science, and Life & Other. There can be more than one category in a game, and the category symbols are located on the front of the box next to the ESRB rating.


The NinEd is bundled with two controllers: The Wand and DrawPad. The Wand is a modified Wii Remote Plus. The DrawPad is a watered-down Wii U GamePad. Additional controllers that are sold separately include the Classic Controller (a modified Wii U Pro Controller) and Stone (an improved Nunchuk)


Games that receive a NinEd Kids label on the box are targeted towards children. Games are considered "general" if that label does not appear on the box (meaning the game can be played by anyone).

  • Yoshi & Kirby: Patch Up!
  • Nintendo & Disney: Once Upon a Rhyme
  • Mario Kart: Math Dash
  • Pokemon Playtime
  • NinEd Sports

Other titles have not yet been announced...

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