Nima, Sarah McRomp's assistant.
Full Name Nima
Current Age 23
Date of Birth 1984
Gender Female
Species Brown Bat
Location England
Current Status Deceased (Drowns in flooding water)
Class Ally (formerly)

Antagonist (revealed)

Family and Relations
Red (Ex-Boyfriend)

Neyla (Rival)

Sarah Mcromp (Boss)

Main Weapon(s) Pistol
Voice Actor(s)
Alesia Glidewell
First Appearance Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway (2007)
Latest Appearance Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway (2007)

Nima is the Secondary Antagonist of Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway. She is the assistant to Sarah Mcromp and her job is to get other people off the island as quickly as possible before they found out what they are up to.

When the Small Gang are shipwrecked on the island, Nima gives them a radio to contact a ship. Red falls in love with her until they found out she was working for Sarah. When the Small Gang arrived at the Guardian Temple to stop the evil duo, they were too late as the curse is unleashed.

The Small Gang defeated the curse only to cause the entire temple to flood with water. While the heroes ran for their lives, Nima and Sarah are both swept by a current, falls into a chasm and drowns. She and Sarah were never seen since.


Nima is a brown bat with green eyes, black hair, and black nose. She wears a white tank top, black rubber gloves, black shorts held by an orange belt, and black robber boots up to her knees.


  • "You all better be careful, this jungle is thick with stone creatures wanting to eradicate anything that moves."
  • "(To Red) Just try to keep up, okay furry boy?"
  • "Oy! What in blazes?!"
  • "(to Sarah) Yes, ma'am!"
  • "Is that... (screams) WAAAAAATER!!!!!" (her last words)


  • She and Sarah are the only 2 characters in the Critter Fighter series to die.
  • Her appearence looks very similiar to a Brat Girl from Crash of the Titans.
  • Her actoress, Alesia Glidewell, also did the voice of Constable Neyla from Sly 2 Band of Thieves.
Sarah Mcromp and Nima's death

Sarah and Nima falling to their deaths.

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