Nightwolf the Comic is an ongoing series of American comic books published by Omegaverse Corp., featuring one of their most popular video game character Nightwolf. It takes place in an alternate universe to the one from the game series. This universe features a mixture of characters, settings and situations from the Nightwolf apperances on TV, the games, and various other incarnations of Nightwolf. It also includes many elements unique to the comic universe.


The comic's main focus is the adventure stories of the title character, the semi-famous hero Nightwolf fighting Justice Racer, which is odd because in the games Justice Racer is replaced with Tom. Nightwolf loves adventure and his friends, but is very skeptical about people he doesn't know.


At the beginning of the series, the year is 9999, almost the turn of a new age. Nightwolf lives in the village of Ramshackle (Night Villa in the games) on the planet Omega (a reference to Omegaverse Corp.) with a few friends. Other areas of setting include The Warfield, Village of the Eternal Sun, and The Great Building. In the games, there is no specified planet.


After the first three issues, Omegaverse Corp. decided to classify the old issues as "The Old Style", and the rest would be placed into separate arcs with a more modern style. Hence, the big difference between one-shot kiddy plotlines in The Old Style and serious, multi-part sagas in the other arcs.


To Be Announced


The Old Style

Graphic novel: Nightwolf the Comic Volume 1: The Old Style


Graphic novel: Nightwolf the Comic Volume 2: Fandemonium

New Age

Graphic novel: Nightwolf the Comic Volume 3: New Age

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