The Nightwolf Revolution series is a series that is a successor to the Nightwolf (series).


Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
NightwolfANB Nightwolf: A New Beginning Wii Nightwolf and his friend Kitsune's quiet little club in the busy city has been attacked by a monstrous beast resembling a crow called Karasu. Karasu's motives are unknown, but Nightwolf and Kitsune know they have to defeat him to live peacefully! Unknown
Nightwolf RPG: Karasu's Revenge Nintendo DS Karasu's spirit has summoned several demons to help him find a new form! The demons secretly control Karasu's mind and make him more powerful, but more evil! Nightwolf and Kitsune journey across the Lands of the Eternal Sun to unlock the Eternal Sun, which will stop the demons and their endless outpour of mind-controlling rain!
Nightwolf 2: The Crimson Gem Nintendo 3DS Nightwolf learns why he is the only one who can defeat the demons (as seen in Nightwolf RPG). The Crimson Gem, a stone living inside him, has given him this immense power. However, Nightwolf's body, although strong, is too frail to take in all of the Gem's power. What can he do to save himself, and more importantly, the world from the evil Aqua Agents?

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