Nightwolf Land is a cancelled platformer in the Nightwolf (series) planned for the Nintendo DS. As such, only some levels and features have been revealed.


Forest Foes This level is thought to be an enemy testing level as it consists of various enemies on a flat land and then some empty space next to the exit.
Cave City This cave-level is almost fully complete. However there are some empty spaces. Enemies hardly appear. In one place, jumping really high will make a message appear with no letters in it - maybe a canceled NPC system?
Boss This level, simply called Boss, is simply a boss arena. One bit of data in the programming can be hacked so the unfinished boss fight will trigger. The actual boss, however, looks a lot like a giant reptile and disappears in some frames because graphics are not complete. His attack strategy is exceedingly simple - throw fireballs from his hands (they look like power-ups, though) and there is no way to beat him.
World 2 New backgrounds and land graphics are seen in this level, probably the intro to the first level of the second area.


Snake Small snake-like enemy. Can be defeated by jumping.
Monster Monstrous enemy cannot be defeated.
Reptile Enemy similar to boss battle. Defeated by jumping.
Jumper Jumping reptile. Jumps very high.
Hawk A simple hawk

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