Nightwolf Comic Browser is a webcomic browser released for touch-pad-based phones that allows you to read and upload your own comics or art. Since it can read a large number of comics for free, it costs $4.

Built In

The following comics are built in to the Nightwolf Comic Browser.

Nightwolf Makes Good Comics!!

NMGC is an example on how to make sprite comics. It stars Nightwolf, Crimsonwolf, and Tom as they do stuff.

The Beginning

Nightwolf, Crimsonwolf, and Tom do stuff. No, seriously.

What Not To Do

Basically The Beginning, only with a whole bunch of stuff you shouldn't do.

The Attack of Battle Scene

Some guy named Battle Scene attacks. And Nightwolf shows you how to make battle scenes.

The Only Rhythm Heaven Game

An 8-bit Tom has to play through a game while Crimsonwolf comments on how to do game scenes.

The End!!

It's the end, so various types of endings are discussed.

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