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Nightwolf series chronology - does not include games with no chronology, spin-off games that mean nothing, and games/stories that have not been created.

NOTICE FROM LEET DOOM: haahahahaha ammaaaan....

i gotta work on this to fix some things.

Early Stories

First Nightwolf stories

  • Nightwolf the Game - Confirmed to be first chronologically of all stories starring Nightwolf and characters starring in games after him. All prequels, if any, are therefore confirmed to not be about Nightwolf.
  • Hyper Nightwolf - Takes place 1/2-1 year after Nightwolf the Game.
  • MicroNight INC. - Begins directly after Hyper Nightwolf, goes on into Nightwolf vs. True Tom
  • Nightwolf vs. True Tom - Takes place shortly after Hyper.
  • Nightwolf Purple Platinum - Does not effect story, but is first story to be placed on the timeline that comes out after True Tom.

Later Stories and Crimson Saga

Nightwolf stories post-Arashi the Cat and Crimson stories

  • Nightwolf and the Dragon Dangers - Confirmed to be first in arc, due to being first apearance of Arashi the Cat
  • Nightwolf and Arashi - Takes place directly after Dragon Dangers
  • Crimsonwolf and Wheelzen - Takes place a while after rest of Nightwolf stories post-Arashi the Cat, once Nightwolf dies.


Taking place a while after previous two sagas

  • Nightwolf: All Wrapped Up - Last game to be released. Takes place while after Crimson stories.
  • The Legacy of Future Warrior - Takes place in a now-alternate far future.

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