You'd think Nightwolf would be a happy series. Apparently not so.

  • Justice Racer transforms into Master Avenger. How does this happen? Nightwolf falls down and the screen goes dark except for Nightwolf's body. Commence scratching noise as red specks appear on the screen before the background SHATTERS revealing Master Realm - a chaotic abstract realm where the blocks are dark red.
    • It gets better when you find out that Nightwolf is OK and has found the last chaos emerald.
    • But then when you get to the boss, you see a blank dark red area like the rest of the level but just totally clear. Music stops as the screen turns sidescrolling. Now notice the eyes in the background...
  • The tone of Hyper Nightwolf's opening is a bit darker compared to Nightwolf The Game.
    • "FOLLOW ME!" says Tom as his red eyes pop open and his hair grows.
    • Shadowgunk.
    • Thank goodness Master Avenger is toned down compared to his first appearance.
      • Just wait till you see Shadow Avenger. It's like Master and Shadowgunk were fused...
    • Tom's a demon. AND HE SINKS INTO THE GROUND.
  • Nightwolf vs. True Tom is a bit lighter on fuel than game two. At least, until you see D Tanner turn into a ravenous destruction machine.
    • True Tom is a lot more like a typical demon nowadays, so he's not too scary. In vs. True Tom, he is a flying black heart with a tail and a face. AND IT BEATS.
    • Isn't it a little violent for Nightwolf to stab Tom's eyes out?
      • He's a demon.
        • Nightwolf has the Crimson Gem.
          • Apparently he didn't do it HARD enough, since Tom's back in the next game anyway.
            • That's a bit of Fridge Horror: THE CRIMSON GEM DOESN'T WORK. UH-OH.
  • Nightwolf Purple Platinum is in the Purpleverse, so of course something scary happens!
    • Sunnyscythe.
      • Luckily Sunnyscythe is toned down more than a bit compared to most stories.
    • The Purpleverse is just twisted and weird.
    • Try going in the houses in Twisted Village.
    • The Neverworlder.
  • Dragon Dangers already looks a bit scary - I'm sure at least one of those beings at the table will do something to give us Nightmare Fuel.
  • In the first Crimsonwolf game, the noises you hear at the beginning can be frightening if you are paying attention.
  • The next two Crimsonwolf games sound bad already.
    • "Crimsonwolf's Nightmare" and "The Killing of Tom."
      • The Killing of tom? So Nightwolf STILL was never able to beat him even after sticking his claws in his eyes and beating him numerous times after?
        • As said above: THE CRIMSON GEM DOESN'T WORK. UH-OH. So will Crimson have these troubles too? Or will his name make the gem work for him?
  • Happy Face in Swordplay Smackdown.

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