Nightwolf (character)
Nightwolf, as he appears in Fantendo Desperation
Full Name Nightwolf
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Class Hero
Latest Appearance Nightwolf: All Wrapped Up

Nightwolf is the main character from the games in the Nightwolf series. He is a black wolf and is one of the bearers of the Crimson Gem. In terms of the Crimson Gem, he is the successor to both Crimson and AntiWolf. Nightwolf is distrusting of people he does not know.

Nightwolf died between the Nightwolf Octilogy and the Crimson Trilogy. Despite this, he appears as a half-spirit in Nightwolf: All Wrapped Up


Nightwolf has several friends, such as Nightshadow, Future Warrior, and Argus. More recently, he met another good friend, Arashi the Cat. This is exceptional in that usually Nightwolf is resistant to trusting people.