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This story is written by 1337doom (tbc), creator of the Nightwolf series (the series in which this story is contained), The World, and Fantendo Origins series. It is random and short and includes Klonoa. Be prepared.

Nightwolf: (running) WAHOO!

Klonoa: That's my line!

Nightwolf: No.

Klonoa: Let's fight then!

Nightwolf: LIES!

Klonoa: What are you-

Nightwolf: (turns into Orly) YOU=LIES!

Klonoa: Ah, your not Nightwolf.....

Orly: NU!

Klonoa: What are you-

Orly: (explodes and reveals he is actually Pikachu)

Pikachu: PIKA!

Nightwolf: (runs in) Hello!

Future Warrior: (runs in) Wait up!

Nightwolf: What's going on here?

Pikachu: PIKA-CHUUUUUUUUU! (zaps Klonoa)


(Nightwolf, Future Warrior, and Pikachu smile and a picture is taken)

Master Hand: Hey Dad, look!

Crazy Hand: What's that sonny?

Master Hand: Pikachu's having fun!

Crazy Hand: You fell into a cinammon bun?

Master Hand: No, Dad.......


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