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Hunter Anderson, a.k.a. Nightstreak, is a protagonist in the Vicinity Saga. He will be introduced in Cartoon Network: Millennium as a playable character.


Hunter Anderson was a brilliant student who enjoyed putting his effort into big projects. He didn't have many friends, but the friends he did have were very close to him. He eventually got a master's degree in biology.

When Dexter Gutierrez formed his interdimensional union known as Dextopia (in one of the alternate future timelines), Hunter was one of the first people he hired as DexTech scientists. He became one of his most trusted advisors over time, and oversaw the training of Dexter's children, Dextrin and Dextrose.

Invaders from the opposite timeline, commanded by an evil version of Peridot, captured Dexter and his wife, Blossom. They then banished Dextrin and Dextrose to the past and forced the scientists, including Hunter Anderson, to do slave labor.

Hunter tried not to look suspicious as he looked for an escape route. He came across a lab where different animals were under genetic modification. One of them was a scorpion, and its modification was not complete yet. However, he accidentally let it out, and it stung him.

He woke up with a strange feeling in his body, and soon realized that he could now lift objects up to three times his own weight, and could also sense enemies from about ten yards away. He believes that the scorpion's stinger had traces of its DNA that found their way into his body system.

In an attempt to escape, Hunter demolished a few robots, and later built his own robotic suit with their fragments. The suit is equipped with retractable claws and a stinger-like weapon. He came up with a codename for himself: Nightstreak.

Hunter's biggest dream is to be seen as a good person in Dextrin and Dextrose's eyes, even if it means giving up something he believes in. However, this may be more difficult for him than it seems.


Nightstreak is normally serious and thoughtful, and prefers to think outside the box. Thus, when he comes across a relatively simple scenario, he tends to overthink the solution, making things look harder for himself than they really are. Regardless of his intelligence, though, he doesn't always use it for the better.

One of Nightstreak's greatest flaws is that he never accepts help, even if he subconciously knows he can't do something himself. This is especially true with anyone who is younger than him; he thinks that "if a person is older, you know they're smarter".

When something is unnecessary, annoying, or foolish, he makes a witty remark about it, but not if he doesn't have anything to say.

Relationships with Other Characters

Dexter Gutierrez

In his own time, Hunter Anderson is one of Dexter's most trusted scientists. They admire each other's work, and occasionally collaborate to develop technology for Dextopia.

Like many relationships, though, theirs is still not perfect. Dexter sometimes questions Hunter's motives behind creating certain devices, and Hunter thinks he speaks too much about himself and Blossom.


Hunter seems to trust Blossom a bit more than her husband, since she almost always has others on her mind. He is willing to train her children in combat, even if it's just to make her happy. Even so, Hunter does have a sense of doubt when it comes to the safety of Dextopia, but doesn't want to admit it in front of her.

Dextrin & Dextrose

Hunter trains Dexter and Blossom's children in both science and combat. They have a loving relationship, and the twins look up to him as much as they do to their parents.

After Hunter's incident, he fears that they will be afraid of him and not want to speak to him again, because he taught them that if a person is changed by some sort of accident, they can't always be trusted.

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