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Nightstreak New 52
"Well that figures. An Exile into a toxic wasteland. Well, at least it's not raining."
Full Name Hunter Anderson
Current Age 18-19 (by estimate)
Date of Birth unknown
Zodiac Sign Scorpio (appropriately)
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Gotham City
Current Status Active
Class Superhero
Main Weapon(s) Retractable Claws, Mechanical Tail.
Element(s) Nature, Tech
Ability/ies Web-slinging, Super Senses, Enhanced Strength, Claws.
Vulnerable To Chemicals, Extreme Temperatures
First Appearance TBA
The Gotham Avengers (member)
Family and Relations
Bug-brain, the Insect Marauder (Nicknames), Knightmare (Batman, Incorporated).
Voice Actor(s)
Scott Porter
Latest Appearance LEGO Batman 4: Blackest Night (non-canon)

Nightstreak is a fanon character for the DC Universe; born Hunter Anderson in the parallel universe of Earth 79, he eventually became the lone survivor of the universe when heroes from other realities helped him escape his doomed homeverse. He now lives his life on New Earth, making massive technological advancements for Wayne Enterprises, thanks to the blueprints he swiped from Big Brother and the smarts he got from his brain mutation.

History: The Insect Avenger

Early Life

Do I remember anything about it? Yeah, so much. Do I wish I could forget it? You have no idea. Do I want to go back? With the friends I've made, the people I've met and the girl I fell in love with, not a candle's chance in a cyclone would I ever want to return.
Nightstreak, on recalling Earth 79.

Before he was known as the Insect Avenger, Nightstreak was nothing more than a simple human boy in the totalitarian civilization of Earth-79, by the name of Hunter Anderson. In this simplistic dictatorial society, the human kids were conformed to serve their leader known as Big Brother (yes, like George Orwell's 1984). Hunter was one of the few boys (and probably the only one) who dared to think differently from the others; oh, the scientists and politicians tried their hardest to conform him as best they could, but Hunter wouldn't have it. He wanted his individuality; he wanted the freedom that most people on the mainstream Earth (New Earth) experienced. Eventually, the scientists, politicians and Big Brother himself found him utterly infuriating. So they had little choice but to exile him into the radiation-polluted wastelands surrounding the impenetrable dystopia.

This sounds bad, doesn't it? Well not in Hunter's case. It just so happens he came upon that one rare strain of mutant scorpion that is so badly mutated that it doesn't have a tail but a self-destruct system to poison its foe. (Lemme explain: the radiation and toxic waste had mutated a strain of scorpions to the point where they became tailless and instead rely on exploding themselves to scatter their poisonous blood on prey, which would then quickly absorb into the victim, rapidly killing it; there's like a 5% chance of actually SURVIVING it but that's usually not the case) In this case however, Hunter miraculously survived it and instead had arachnid DNA merged into his system, giving him enhanced strength (3x the normal human level), enhanced senses (he can now see everything around him within 100 feet without need for sight) and a slight brain mutation (he's now slightly smarter). It's actually untold how Hunter came into possession of what would become the Nightstreak suit; it's thought that after a while, he raided one of Big Brother's strongholds and came upon a new suit of armor that he subsequently used to escape and then proceeded to modify to where it became the suit he currently uses; however, the truth about this is unsure. After dubbing himself Nightstreak ("It sounded cool, so I just rolled with it," he said), he proceeded to be an even bigger bug in Big Brother's system. One day however, his luck ran out and Big Brother managed to capture him and throw him into a holding cell within his dystopian fortress.

The End of the Red Rising Sun

It was around this point that Big Brother learned of the multiverse and its various branching worlds, and began construction on an interdimensional rift machine (which would later gain virtual sentience and threaten all of reality) to invade these dimensions and amass all the knowledge he could so that everyone would come to him to learn the origin of everything (which isn't good in the terms of a totalitarian dictator). Nightstreak was contained in a holding cell at the time this was progressing, so when a team of alternate reality heroes showed up to investigate the strange rifts, Big Brother wasted no time in tracking them down and "interrogating" (really torturing) them.

The first hero from another universe Nightstreak got to meet was none other than Superman. After a brief conversation, both of them decided on teaming up and dethroning the dictator (he would later meet other heroes from different realities, such as Red Hood (Joker of Earth-3) and others); after escaping from the Citadel, as it was called, they escaped into the caverns beneath the wastelands to formulate a plan. However, their meeting was short-lived after getting ambushed by a group of cannibalistic Morlocks.

The Morlocks almost served them up fried and well-seasoned, had it not been for Red Hood's quick thinking and reflexes. Defeating the Morlock King and his so-called "Mighty Claw", they escaped and learned of a secret underground tunnel system leading straight to the Citadel from the Morlock Caverns that no-one knew about; taking this hidden route, Nightstreak and the others ended up just inside the dystopia.

Even though Big Brother's troops were difficult to dispose of due to the sheer amount of them (and that they were pretty well trained at that), Big Brother himself was surprisingly easy, although he had a lot of compact weaponry hidden within him. Even though he was deactivated, the Rift Machine tied to  his programming still remained online; by this point, it had gained its own sentience and planned to destroy everything with one fell swoop. Nightstreak calculated that if the machine was destroyed, the rifts would collapse and the resulting explosion would only take out their current reality and not everything else. One long and overly elaborate battle later, Nightstreak rerouted the power to the portals before the self-destruct sequence began, so the others could get home and he would be destroyed with his universe ("Sacrifice plays occasionally have to be made," he said); Superman, however, couldn't bear to leave him behind and quickly pulled him onto New Earth despite his desperate pleas to leave him there. 

Nightstreak wasn't too originally happy about being dragged into a reality where he felt he didn't belong, especially one he considered to be incredibly primitive. Eventually, Superman and Martian Manhunter showed him how vast their Earth was and that Nightstreak's arrival could add the possibility of advancing their tech even further (Nightstreak was proven to be incredibly intelligent for someone his age) and Nightstreak agreed on staying (especially after Supergirl came in to deliver a message from Batman).

A Brand-new World (at least to him)

Now in a world where so much freedom was allowed (compared to his world, it's a lot more free), Nightstreak didn't know what to do first; eventually, he decided to do what any new superhero does: create a secret identity, or in his case, just reuse his old one (Hunter Anderson, if you haven't been following). Taking a job at WayneTech, he dedicated his time there to try to take his knowledge of specially designed reactors (used primarily in his home reality) and develop a clean energy source for this new world he calls his home.

Invited by his boss (who is also Batman) to join the newfound Gotham Avengers, a special team of various heroes that owe their roots to Gotham City, Hunter only agreed to do it on his spare time or whenever the situation was dire. On his first night on patrol, he quickly made an enemy in Clayface (Basil Karlo, Ultimate Clayface), who swore revenge like all sociopathic criminals.

He gradually got accustomed to the freedoms of this reality, although he did consider himself spoiled for doing so; he also managed to make good friends in both Robin (Tim Drake) and Supergirl (although he wanted to be more than just a friend), and due to several days of research, found solutions to a lot of major worldwide problems (pure drinking water, food shortages, clean energy, the usual worldwide tyring-to-fix crises; he managed to fix them individually: quick, by-the-gallon processing filters; mass-farming exportation devices; superpowered reactors). 

Batman VS Superman (event)

When a Nerve Gas Bomb was detonated right in the heart of Gotham (when Hugo Strange finally snapped after struggling with his sanity for so long), Nightstreak helped pick up the pieces from the damage Strange had caused. Eventually, this forced the government to put a new law into place where superheroes would be forced to A: sign up with the government to fight crime and be called on in a more manageable scale, B: surrender their identities, costumes and equipment to the authorities as a sign of compliance, or C: be arrested and prosecuted for endangering the country. This fractured the entirety of the Superhero community right down the middle, with many choosing different sides: while Superman and Wonder Woman were sure that this would benefit the superhero community, Batman was all but certain that the government getting involved in the superhuman community was an extremely bad idea, and that this would all be detrimental to the very guidelines heroes stand for.

When Nightstreak got wind of the act, he was sure that it would be just what the superhero community needed to shape up, provided he oversee most of the major addendums (shaping up specially trained troops, equipping them with advanced weapons, etc) so it doesn't end up like the system his home reality had. One of his first moves during the enforcement was teaming up with Cyborg to arrest Nightwing, who had set up his own independent branch of the rebellion within what was planned to be a new prison within Gotham City's own city limits (a terrible idea, according to Bruce); he managed to set up a plan and Cyborg and him went out and investigated, only to be captured by the combined efforts of Robin (Tim Drake) and Supergirl. But, as it turns out, this was part of his plan the whole time, as he not only infiltrated the base, but (thanks to his suit core, which now powered his entire body with the energy) emitted a biological homing signal that enabled Superman's forces to find them and the hideout (while Kara interrogated him); he then escaped his cell by unveiling his newest suit (the one that can construct itself from the nervous system extensions) and using that to break out Cyborg. 

He later felt that the war was going nowhere, deciding that he would leave for a distant place to wait for it all to end; as expected, he was followed, but suprisingly he didn't know he was followed until Supergirl knocked on the window outside his hideout on Pluto. Confronting him on his self-induced seclusion, Kara learned about the genuine personality behind Hunter's joking, brainy facade: a serious, contemplative, depressed and emotional human being who just wanted to be different from the crowd; and even though he found the difference he wanted, he still felt depressed. Comforting him, Kara and he almost had a tender moment, if Doomsday hadn't shown up near his Pluto base. 

Doomsday engaged him and Supergirl in head-on combat, but with the combined brain and brawn between them, they managed to drive off the Kryptonian Frankenstein, although their battle set off the very beginning of a chain of events that will end up culminating a series of massive battles that would bring the next generation of heroes into the roles many are familiar with: a significant fragment of rock splintered off from Pluto, heading straight toward Earth, being slingshotted by the various gravitational fields along the way. However, the rock itself didn't hit Earth; instead it hit a much larger asteroid, which begin to barrel toward Earth at an alarming rate. The asteroid was detected by the Watchtower, but with the JLA divided by the whole Superhuman Registration program, nobody was available to defend the Earth from it. When the meteor did eventually touch down, it crashed in Gotham City's bay, causing aftershocks and tsunamis that killed hundreds of people; after managing out all the appropriate data, Nightstreak successfully pulled a video conference with the Justice Trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) and alerted them to Doomsday's approach.

Supergirl and Nightstreak reached Earth in the middle of the Trinity's battle with Doomsday, and immediately joined in so as to tip the scale against the monster, but were quickly distracted by the arrival of the Injustice League; eventually, Nightstreak and the others were faced with the dying Doomsday's final attack: a natural self-destruct mechanism that would wipe out every cell of life within 100 miles of Doomsday's corpse. Ultimately, the entire League got Doomsday's corps far enough to where it wouldn't harm anyone, but at their own sacrifice. Heartbroken, Nightstreak retired for the week after this.

The Crime Syndicate

About a month after the death of the League, Nightstreak was still melancholy about the death of his boss, but tried to remain focused on his work to take his mind of his depression; however, his depression would soon turn to resolution when he discovered that the Crime Syndicate had breached into New Earth's reality through a miniaturized copy of the Interdimensional Rift Engine. Deciding to take action, despite being somewhat underprepared, Nightstreak started a solo investigation.

Heading to Star City on a lead, he encountered Johnny Quick, the Crime Syndicate counterpart to the Flash, who he engaged in combat; brutally beating Johnny, Nightstreak managed to get a few answers before being ambushed by Owlman. 

(More Coming Soon)

Blackest Night, Brightest Day (Alternate Version)

Batman, Incorporated

Non-Canon History

The Cyberbug's Web

LEGO Batman 4: Blackest Night

Injustice Timeline



No-one knows who I really am. Nobody knows where I live, work or regularly eat at. I have no living family members, I barely have time for friends, and the only person I have genuine feelings for is a girl who is not only the cousin of the greatest earthly hero in this reality, but is invulnerable to every type of attack save for a rare mineral and magic. When it comes to hiding my heroic identity, I think I'm fine in that department.

I just... I want to see who I am without the armor; I don't think I ever got to explore that side of me that doesn't wear the armor, who my true self really is.



With the Mutant Scorpion poison modifying his standard human physique, his suitless abilities are as follows:

  • Enhanced Strength - Hunter is capable of lifting moderately heavy objects, up to 100 pounds.
  • Mutated Brain - The venom ended up splitting his brain into two primary parts: a part for memory and knowledge, and a separate part to handle basic bodily functions; this makes him a great deal smarter than most men his age.
  • Superhuman Senses - The mutated brain also allows him an enhanced set of senses which allow him to see certain things most humans cannot.

With the suit on, however, there are a lot more abilities on his plate:

  • Sharp Claws - Made of an unbreakable alloy of metals, Nightstreak is capable of shredding almost anything (the exceptions being several extraterrestrial materials) with retractable, razor-sharp claws hidden in the hands of the suit.
  • Fully-Controlled Mechanical Tail -
  • Advanced Heads-Up Display -
  • Regenerative Damage-Repair System -
  • Webbing Shooters -
  • Adhesive Grip -
  • Enhanced Agility -

Character Development History

by Spinda DanceGuess who, fanboys?Spinda

Well, originally, before I made Nightstreak, I had just unlocked character customization in LEGO Batman 1 for the Wii; I wanted to come up with a ninja-sort of character that could also be viewed as a hero, and I ended up with who would become Nightstreak: a ninja with rainbow-colored shirts and a batarang in hand. Besides grappling, he had nothing else to use. This was a disappointment, and I eventually decided to make him a fully-fledged character.
Originally, when I made him, I started out with a Spider-Man/Ben 10-inspired character; he wasn't very fleshed out much, just a guy equipped with a suit of armor that let him change from one insect-related form to another; examples of such forms are below:
  • Crashhopper (Grasshopper)
  • Sonicada (Cicada)
  • Armite (Army Ant/Termite)
But, eventually realizing how ridiculous he would be if he had all these forms but no weaknesses, I decided, much like SSB director Masahiro Sakurai, to remove the transformations and just scrap them completely. I then looked to Iron Man: he had different versions of a single Iron Suit that was slightly improved in different ways. So that's how I rounded out Nightstreak: the suits he had only had 4 versions, each useful in their own way. The De-armored version plays like Nightstreak would if his suit were to come off for unexplained reasons (that will be covered in the history). His "Ultimate" version is sort of the Hulkbuster of the group: its mobility is limited, but its attack power is amazing. The MK.XIV (Fancy talk for Mark 14) is an earlier version, differing only in attack variation (instead of relying on webs, it used bioelectric bolts). The Dark one started out as mainly Venom-inspired (the result of an alien symbiote fusing with Nightstreak), but now holds its origins in a antimatter chemical. 
After a while, what with the DCnU reboot and all, I decided to redo him once again: this time, he only has two suits, and as a result just upgrades and upkeep the two suits on a regular basis; much more manageable than an entire legion of suits. Hell, one suit he has is constructed entirely of nanobots and special-assembly circuitry and is accessed through his synthetic nervous system extensions, so all he has to is literally think and he puts on the suit almost instantly.

(More Coming Soon)

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