The dead being!

Full Name Nightshroud
Gender Male
Location Dark World (Makes hideout at limbo)
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Princess Peach (Has strong lust for her (Enemy))
Main Weapon(s) Dagger, Sword, Duel Disk, Reliquary
The prisoner, Princess Peach has been found guilty of the crime of witchcraft. The sentence....DEATH!
Nightshroud, Super Princess Peach: Fusion

Nightshroud is the coldhearted lord of ultimate terror, his hatred for the the princess has rivaled that of Bowser. He is voiced by Liam O'Brian.

He was born in 1973, as the heir to the Goldhart throne. As Maxamillion Goldhart. He had a good life. That is, until he became evil! After disposing of his family. He is sent to "Mushroom State Prison" for life, without parole. He killed himself.

Now he's back with a vengeance. As he says himself. "Terror's the least I can do!"

In the next few years. He rules an evil cult. As the eternal leader. He dominates all with an iron fist.

He reveals himself early in the game. He turns the castle walls dim. Then, he introduces himself for Peach.

He is apparently "stuck in limbo". And of course, his guards like to annoy him all the time. They come selfishly for food and weapons.

Later, he uses an evil rod to call his minions. He tries to pick up plans for making Peach deceased herself. He feels strong lust for her. He knows too well that if he elopes with her. Eternal damnation will be the consequence for his actions.

He tries to get rid of Princess Peach. And has two failed attempts. His royal advisor believes his "reliquary" (Fancy word for rod) to be broken. He must kill her physically.

He dupes the Princess a bit later. He tells her about a bonfire. He thinks Peach is guilty of witchcraft, and sentences her to death. But the attempt fails, like the others! He is defeated in a "children's card game". TWICE! Once at the stadium of crying shames. And the second in a dark pit. And Peach apparently Smites the wicked Nightshroud, and plunges him into the fiery pit. The end...for now.