Nightshadow is a character in the Nightwolf series. He is an Umbreon. Nightshadow is actually a self-given nickname, his real name is just Umbreon. The red below his eye is apparently a scar. Said scar will be the focus of a stage of Nightwolf All Wrapped Up.

Full Name "Nightshadow" Umbreon
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Location Night Villa
Current Status Alive
Class Rogue
Nightwolf's Company
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Claws
Ability/ies Speed
Vulnerable To Large levels of power
The Umbreon
Latest Appearance Nightwolf Purple Platinum


Nightwolf the Game

Image Character Description
Nightshadow Nightshadow Nightwolf's 2nd best friend. Nightshadow is fast and powerful. Nightshadow doesn't talk that much, but can talk a lot if he really wanted too. He is an Umbreon.

Hyper Nightwolf

First Appearance: Name: Bio: Picture: Link to Page:
Nightwolf the Game Nightshadow Nightwolf's other friend. Nightshadow almost never talks, and is an Umbreon. Minor character Nightshadow Nightshadow

Nightwolf vs. True Tom and Nightwolf Purple Platinum

Playable in Online Mode.

MicroNight Inc and MicroNight SNAP

Reacurring character

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