I know that you wanna kill these guys, but to be honest, they may be valuable in the Vs. Mallory scene happening out there. [looks at Bowie and friends] The entire universe is in danger and we may or may not need your help. Please count yourselves in.
Nightshade, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 8: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Current Age 47
Date of Birth November 29th
Gender Male
Species Zaxinian Kittuman
Current Status Alive
Height 6'09"
Weight 139 lbs
First Appearance Nature Warrior
Nightshade was the main antagonist of the Nature Warrior duology, having once been the main target for Crymsia Rose prior to her death in Shadows of Mallory. His goal was once to capture the princess to make her into his lovely wife, but he never succeeded due to interference from Silver Zin and countless flaws he could never foresee coming in his plans. He was once a wanted criminal, but because his plans went from being super threatening to just being filled with his own greed, he stopped getting treated as a criminal or serious individual, much to his chagrin. It is to the point where he is considered a joke, with his equipment always faltering on him and his experiments always escaping him. That said, despite his villainous layers, he is a decent person that is willing to team up with heroes to put an end to the lives of insane people like Queen Mallory whenever such an event arises.

Ever since Crymsia died, he's been trying to make women he could marry, but they've each escaped him due to him never learning anything from his mistakes.


Nature Warrior

Nightshade appeared in Nature Warrior as the primary antagonist, having captured the mystical and rather unknown galaxy Umbron in order to use it as his base of operations to do a personal takeover of the world. During his quest, he attempted to kidnap princess Crymsia, although failed.


Nightshade is generally malevolent and pissy and has a bad reputation for greediness. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals unless it makes him uncomfortable, but he will be wise and back out of bad situations if he's face-to-face against one alone. He also tends to pause himself before he crosses any very dangerous lines or if he becomes aware he's pitting himself at a disadvantage. For every time he loses, he tries to learn from what he did wrong and apply corrections to any upcoming plans, though short-term memory loss occasionally affects his ability to remember how he failed to begin with. As a man that's eager to accomplish his goals of world domination, he works behind the scenes to annihilate any potential threats that endanger his path to success, and is willing to team up with just about anybody to put the worst people to rest. He joined the Resistance so he could help disassemble the Mallorian Empire, but holds plans to take control of the Lifts for himself at some point.

Over time, Nightshade has become arguably more insane, but also more intelligent and more imposing and threatening than before. Earlier on in his career of malice, he worked on creating huge, imposing machines that focused on seeking out the Reign Box as well as delivering chaos. Though these machines were enormous and had lots of power, they were generally very flawed and had numerous weaknesses that could be easily exploited. A lot of his earlier DNA experiments were the same: they were powerful, but in concept weren't very bright. Later entries in the Zaxinian Lifts' timeline see Nightshade becoming smarter, putting more emphasis on purpose and utility than power. Characters like Hydrox and Anchovizza are nowhere as powerful as his disastrous Zellen creation, but are intelligent and bright fighters that demonstrate Nightshade's ability to make creations with perfectly free will. Several of his created inventions following Nature Warrior 2: Northern Conquest are significantly smaller than his Nightmare machine from the first Nature Warrior title, and don't have nearly as many weaknesses.


Nightshade is an excellent architect and inventor that can create some extremely powerful machines and gadgets, many of which can be very useful in desire situations. Many of his machines and buildings are built in the image of him or otherwise bear his insignia, and many of them have attachments that are used to cleverly kidnap people off the streets so that he can conduct experiments on them. He is very well known for his vast number of inventions; he at least develops three per week and uses them almost straight away for whatever task he desires to complete. Though he started off making fragile huge machines that were powerful but ultimately flawed, he eventually moved towards making smaller, much more sturdier machines that would help him considerably in the long run to world domination. That's not to say he's a perfect inventor, however; many of his machines and creations are known to betray him due to his lack of ability to control his own surreal surroundings, and inventions like his version of Zellen and his various failed girlfriend creations are on the loose, with the former being incredibly destructive.

While he's not very experienced with magic, he knows his own fair number of spells, and can be threatening with them. Most of his spells are used to bind enemies' limbs together or magically dissect them without making a huge bloody mess. Many of his magic tricks are used for surgical purposes or for just keeping his enemies down.

List of creations

Relationships with other characters


Having wanted to capture Crymsia to marry her in the past, some obvious bad chemistry built up between the two. He wanted to steal her and her belongings, which wasn't much appreciated by others, who often responded by beating him up or tormenting him, especially in the case of Crymsia's friends.



  • Nightshade's name comes from the nightshade plant.

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