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Nightmare (ナイトメア, Naitomea) is the main antagonist of the Soul series. He made his debut in Soulcalibur. He is the living incarnation of the cursed sword, Soul Edge, the objective of most other characters in the story.

Nightmare ssbb Nightmare the dark destiny
Gender Male
Species / Type Darkness
Class Heavy
Main Weapon(s) Soul Edge (Phantom)
First Appearance Soulcalibur (2000)

Character Description[1]Edit

Nightmare was originally created as the alter-ego of ,Siegfried Schtauffen, created when he got a hold of Soul Edge and was consumed by the sword's will, during which time he wore dark blue armor that earned him the nickname "the Azure Knight", and went by the name "Nightmare". Since Siegfried managed to free himself from the evil blade's influence, it has somehow formed an entirely new being, an avatar of darkness, instead of possessing a new host.


True to his nickname, Nightmare appears as a dark figure covered in dark blue armor. His prominent feature is his right arm, which has been twisted and transformed into a large three-digit claw whose flesh overlaps his entire right arm and shoulder. He is depicted with Soul Edge in his left hand, symbolizing his polarity with Siegfried. Over the years, his appearance has progressively grown more and more demonic, as influenced by the state of Soul Edge himself. During the events of Soulcalibur, he was simply a suit of armour with a giant arm and horned helmet. In Soulcalibur II, Nightmare's armour changes to a blue, gothic armor sporting a blood-red plume atop the helmet alongside bat wing ornaments replacing the horn.


As a cosmic force, Nightmare is a shadow master he has the power of dark aura, shadow balls and capable of darkness beams that does 050% that is made of heavy metal. He is heavy and smashes his opponents with his dark core sword that is incredibly powerful. Nightmare uses a dark aura that blows up eventually in the sky, his dark magic can cause a vortex that will freeze you then he will strike a dark fire ball that will explode and send you flying. He is the the 2nd strongest villian in the game with his dirty tricks and dark magic.

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