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This is a joke article, possibly made to make fun of a certain subject. Understand that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.

Night the Dark
Night the Dark
Full Name Lord Night the Dark
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth The Big Bang
Gender Unknown (referred as male)
Species Darkness
Location Hell
Current Status Deceased (destroyed by Aiva Opel Koopa
Element(s) Dark this...possible?
Dark defeated by Aiva Koopa

Dark is an element created during the Big Bang. He is referred as Dark and hates everyone.


Abel Koopa 2: Aiva's Journey

Dark appears for the first and only time. He appears as the main antagonist, being mostly Dark Aiva. He is fought twice, the first being his main form before eating Aiva's DNA to form Dark Aiva, the last is the final battle, when he formed into Dark Abel using Abel as his target.


  • Dark - Dark is his normal form. He appears as a gas like thing with red eyes and teeth.
  • Dark Aiva - This is the form when Dark eats Aiva's DNA. He appears to lose his black pupils during his transformation.
  • Dark Abel - The final form only for the final battle. He possesses Abel to form Dark Abel still using the Dark Aiva form to possess him.


  • He suppose to have to more forms (Black Vector and Midnight the cat), but it was scrapped due to lacks of ideas.
  • Apparently, users find the page amazing.

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