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Night Villa is the city in which the Nightwolf series takes place. It is called Ramshackle in the first game and the comic book series.

Gradient Hue

In Gradient Hue, a wormhole to Night Villa appears after completing Strange New World. Gradient goes into it to save Shade and Kalico. Soon after entering, Gradient runs into Nightwolf, who himself is having his own problems, being half-dead. (This takes place during Nightwolf: All Wrapped Up.) Gradient and Nightwolf combat the Iguana Army, who has invaded. After defeating Greyscale, The Enemy appears, laughing at how the plan has went so well. The Enemy steals the energy out of the Iguana Army's souls, and gains the power to create a wormhole into the Darktendoverse. The Enemy challenges Nightwolf and Gradient to defeat him before he destroys the majority of universes. Gradient and Nightwolf go into the portal shortly after saving Shade and Kalico. Kalico goes back to the Battle Frontier to relay Gradients plan to Steve, owner of the frontier, while Shades defends Night Villa.

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