The Night Thunder is the machine driven by the experienced old-timer: Silver Neelson. This machine was originally built by Neelson's childhood friend, Gold Hand in his middle-aged years as a memento to their long-lasting friendship. Gold was an amazing technical genius who was far ahead of the age he then lived
Night ThunderGX
in, which is how he installed a unique navigation program into the Night Thunder which features a carbon copy of his mind and emotions made possible through a series of complicated neuro experiments. Such a task was undertaken by Silver Neelson's lifelong friend for the purpose of remaining with and guiding his greatest companion even after death had eventually taken him.


  • Body: B
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: E


Super Smash Bros. Universe

The Fire Stingray makes several appearances in the game. It appears as a trophy along with its pilot, Silver Neelson. In addition, the machine can be seen racing on Mute City.

F-Zero U

The Night Thunder returns once again in F-Zero U, and is has been tweaked to feature a better grip, giving it more of a advantage for expert players.

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