Night 1 is the first level in Thirty Nights At Freddy's. It's the easiest level in the game, it is quite easy.

Animatronic First Appearances

  • Freddy (Blackouts Only)
  • Bonnie
  • Foxy (Older Copies Only)
  • Cranky (Beta Only)
  • Orange


"Hello, anyone there? If you're here Janet, good luck. I just hope you're not like Mike. These animatronics are extremely active after midnight, and they go back to post once it's 6:00. They're passive during that time. Also, I was able to get Bonnie to give you a piece of pizza after 6:00. I hope ya' like pepperoni!

Oh yeah, speaking of Bonnie, same with Orange. They're gonna be big trouble. Same with Foxy. (Sentence removed in newer copies) If you somehow get caught, play dead. The animatronics may think you're a suit, not an Endoskeleton without one. Oh yeah, in about a minute, some of the animatronics might leave, so check the security tablet. Bonnie will be trouble with you today. Oh yeah, and our Pirate Cove camera's broken, so, you can hear the audio. If you hear footsteps, of metal scratching other metal, somebody's in there. Oh yeah, only close the doors if necessary. Also, hit the light button once in a while.

Okay, that's all I can say, be safe, Janet!"


  • If you have the older copies, watch Pirate Cove not too little, but not too much, then Foxy will not attack.
  • Bonnie is the first to leave, watch him until Orange leaves the bathroom, she's a bigger threat.
  • Freddy will not attack unless you lose power.