Nicome by WereWaffle
Full Name Nicome
Current Age Undetermined
Date of Birth March 17, ????
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Species Demon
Location Faele, Ziama Prime
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Liana (Friends)
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 6'2"
First Appearance Hymns of Helios
Latest Appearance Dimensional Destruction
Nicome is a character who makes his début in Hymns of Helios. He is a demon who fused with the souls of deceased serial killers to become the ultimate form of demise itself, or so he says. Nicome has been the mastermind behind several hundred murders and is titled "The Massacre" by many for his crimes against humanity. However, Nicome kills those with fiendish souls like him, so he can add to his own collection, so it is hugely debated if his actions are supported or opposed by many councils all over the region.

However, since the events of Hymns of Helios, Nicome has stopped killing innocent people as often as he used to. He is still open to killing people who have wronged him or his friends in the past, but doesn't allow it to get out of control like it used to be. 


For as long as he's known, Nicome has been an immortal demon, which hasn't lead to many complaints by himself. For centuries he has killed dozens of people for his own personal gain, and often targets people with masses of power to add to his own strength. 


Nicome was a very devilish and unfair being. He used to kill many people just for his own enjoyment, and covered it up with the excuse of doing good by eliminating people that were apparently bad in the universe. 

After meeting Liana, he discovered that there are some people who really deserve to live on the planet, because they do good things. He started to think against what he would normally do, and decided to stop killing others for good. While not killing people, he still loves to appear threatening to others, and likes to do reckless things as the demon he is. 


Nicome has a very big pool of abilities he can use. He can use soul-based attacks which make use of the dead souls he has reaped for his own benefit, and he can also use melee combat very well, with very tough punches and devastating kicks. 


Hymns of Helios

Nicome débuts in the video game Hymns of Helios. He is represented as one of the psychopaths on the island, making him appear to Liana as a threat.

Dimensional Destruction




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  • Nicome is the one of the main characters in Ziama Prime.
  • Nicome was drawn by WereWaffle (tbc).
  • Nicome was the first character created of a non-human species, in this case it being demon.
    • However, there have since been a few non-human character of the Ziama Prime universe, such as Maui or Marsha and Ginger.