Nicky (SSB6)
Savvy Stylist's artwork for Super Smash Bros. Universe
Symbol StyleSavvySymbol
Universe Style Savvy
Official Debut Style Savvy
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Fashion Show
This article is for Nicky's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Universe. For the other game appearances of the character please see Nicky. Thank You!

Nicky () is an unlockable newcomer in the game Super Smash Bros. Universe. She is the mascot for the Style Savvy franchise, as well as the sole representative of the franchise.


Nicky is a fast, medium-weight character that can pummel her opponents with a completely fashion-based moveset that involves top of the line fashion, and stylish combos. Her different outfits equal different attributes. Nicky prefers not to use her hands in combat with the exception of her grabs and throws. She instead uses various fashion objects to attack for her.

Unlocking Methods

Nicky can be unlocked by the following methods.

  • Have her join your team in the Wrath of Shadows
  • TBA
  • TBA


Like the previous titles Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS, Universe features custom movesets, however the options are complete changes compared to just modified variations of the standard specials.

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack - Swipes the opponent with her purse three times.
  • Dash Attack - 
  • Forward tilt - 
  • Up tilt - 
  • Down tilt - 

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash - 
  • Up smash - 
  • Down smash - 

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial - Pulls out her purse and spins in a circle.
  • Forward aerial - Nicky throws a clothes hanger in front of her.
  • Back aerial - Nicky takes a selfie while airborne. The camera phone's flash is so powerful it causes damage to opponents.
  • Up aerial - Throws a fashionable hat in the air. Damage, range, and power depends on the outfit that she's wearing.
  • Down aerial - Nicky drops several heavy shopping bags on opponents.

Grabs and throws

Special Moves

  • Strike a Pose:
  • Order In:
  • New Footwear:
  • Outfit Change:

Final Smash

  • Fashion Show - The spotlight focuses on the Nicky as well as the camera, while she enters different poses. The cameras will flash repeatedly while dealing damage to opponents in a similar manner to Wii Fit Trainer's Final Smash, Wii Fit.

Special Moves

Special Move Basic Custom 1 Custom 2
Neutral Special Strike a Pose TBA TBA
Side Special Order In TBA TBA
Up Special New Footwear TBA TBA
Down Special Outfit Change TBA TBA
Final Smash Fashion Show


  • Starts texting, and a text bubble will pop up over her head saying various things such as "LOL", "<3", "XoXo", or "BRB".
  • Touches up on her makeup (This taunt actually gives the player a 2% Power Boost until the player gets up to 30% damage)
  • Takes a Selfie

On-Screen Appearances

  • Nicky is driven into the battle on the back of a scooter by her Boyfriend (who also has a helmet on), she gives her helmet to her boyfriend, whips her hair, and gives him a kiss as he speeds off. She then faces her opponents, hand-on-hip, ready to strut.

Victory Fanfare

Role in the Wrath of Shadows

Alternate Costumes

Nicky is one of the few playable characters to receive 16 costumes. In the same vein as Bowser Jr., Nicky doesn't gain any actual palette swaps, and instead gains 15 different models with different outfits worn. The voice clips and crowd chants remain the same.

Image Color Notes


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