Nicktoons: Corrupted Realms
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Single Player
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Nicktoons Unite!
Predecessor Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

Nicktoons: Corrupted Realms is the fifth installment of the Nicktoons Unite! series, taking place shortly after the events of Globs of Doom. This time around the story features an immense roster of 66 characters. The game has an improved and larger story mode than the previous game and a separate battle mode that has been added.


Nicktoons: Corrupted Realms lets up to four players battle it out against one another using a graphical style similar to those of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (video game), though upgraded to current standards. Fighters can move and fight in all directions on a 3D battle field. Players should learn the lay of the land and formulate a battle plan with a character suited to it.

The game makes use of an upgrade system. Every character starts out with a set amount of 'special moves' that they can use on the battlefield. They can deal regular punches, which always is the set up to making combo's. The special moves can manifest in several ways. You can make a combination with the control stick and one of the buttons to perform one or do a certain combination of buttons at the end of a combo. The upgrade system comes into play when you battle enough with a character. When a character wins a battle they earn experience points which makes them level up, to a max of level 100. You also gain experience when losing a battle for your performance during the battle, although it is always less than the experience gained when losing. While leveling you sometimes get a bonus, for example a new special attack.

Your opponent can be defeated once you fill up three bars that are displayed at the top of the screen. You gain one bar when you defeat an opponent. The one who first has three bars wins. After being defeated it takes some time before you respawn on the battle field again, and will be spawned at a safe distance from your opponents.

Every character also has a Finisher attack which is the most powerful attack in the game that, when used correctly, will deplete one bar of the opponent's health. The Finisher can be filled up by successfully performing combo's. A bar, next to your health bar, displays that. Every character has a different Finisher that involves a small cinema before it is actually being executed. Some characters may even have guest characters appear in their finishers.

Story Mode

For the plot of the story mode see: NickToons: Corrupted Realms/Story.

Story Mode works similar to battle mode. You play as one of the characters, or sometimes one character, that is in that chapter of the game. You make your way though the realms of the NickToons universe trying to reach the goal the character has set for themselves. You will walk around in special 3D areas that only can be played in story mode where you can walk in all directions, similar to open world games. You will only encounter regular enemies in these parts. When you fight another character on the roster, these battles will always take place in an area which coincidentally also is a stage in the game. Bosses who aren't playable sometimes have a special area designed for them, or also appear in stages.

Like in battle mode the character you play as will level up when defeating another character or a boss, they however gain no experience from defeating regular enemies. During the story mode there are collectibles. These collectibles are characters from all around the Nicktoons universe. Similar to Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots these characters are locked up in a 'bonus level' which requires a certain character to enter. Each character has a special 'bonus level' in the game similar to Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island.

At the end of the game all the characters will have to fight the final boss Pariah Dark.

Playable Characters

There is a total of 66 playable characters. Six of these characters are time-released characters that can be downloaded after a certain date. Along with these characters comes an update to the story which then includes a special chapter in which the character is playable and can face off Pariah Dark. These characters may already appear in the story beforehand, but might not be playable then. Most of the art is done by NewEraOutlaw.


Name Bio
SpongeBob Render
SpongeBob SqaurePants

SS symbol
From the ocean depths of Bikini Bottom, Spongebob is the most cheerful sponge you'd ever meet. A spirited fellow, he works as a fry cook down at the Krusty Krab, and is very skilled at his job. Not only that, he's pretty adept at blowing bubbles of all shapes and sizes as well, which comes in handy at times. Though his playful antics may annoy his friends (especially his neighbour, Squidward,) Spongebob is deep down a pretty noble guy. He has helped several of his Nicktoon friends in the past against various threats to his world, and destiny has summoned him to join the Nicktoon heroes once again. His answer to the call? "I'M REEEADY!!"

  • Finisher: Boat Bash
  • Alternate Costume: Mermaid Man
  • Halloween Costume: Abrasive SpongeBob
Danny Phantom Render
Danny Phantom
DP symbol
Transformed by an accident in his father's 'Fenton Portal', 14 year old Daniel Fenton mutated into a half-human, half-ghost hybrid. His alter ego is known as 'Danny Phantom', a spectral hero sworn to defend both the world and the Ghost Zone from ghostly threats, using an array of powers derived from his accident that are constantly evolving. Danny has saved the world multiple times and helped both human and ghost while often being despised by both.
  • Finisher: Ghostly Wail
  • Alternate Costume: Doomed Avatar Battlesuit
  • Halloween Costume: Dark Danny
Ember McLain Render
Ember McLain
DP symbol
Rebellious to her very core, Ember is a rockstar ghost with attitude, and she won't let you forget it! She is determined to take over the world, with her music as her weapon. She gains momentum and power from the cheers and attention she receives...the more people clamor for her, the more powerful she becomes! Her guitar, something she's never seen without, is capable of channeling her ghostly energy into powerful attacks, one of which is capable of hypnotising her victims. It's a shame that ghost dweeb always stands in her way. Such a drag. Though, if there's one thing that's a certainty, it's that Ember always stands ready to make a comeback!
  • Finisher: Song of Destruction
  • Alternate Costume: Urban Jungle
  • Halloween Costume: Pirate
Timmy Turner Render
Timmy Turner
FoP symbol
Timmy Turner was just an average kid that no one understands. His mom and dad and Vicky (his evil babysitter), always giving him commands. However, doom and gloom is broken instantly by his magic little fish, who grant his every wish, cause in reality they are his oddparents, fairy godparents! This eccentric boy is the hero of the Fairy World and saves the day time and time again with the help of his fairy godparents.
  • Finisher: Grand Wish Finale
  • Alternate Costume: Cleft & the Chin Hounds
  • Halloween Costume: Nega-Timmy with Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda
Jimmy Neutron Render
Jimmy Neutron
TAoJN symbol
Gifted with a stunning IQ and a love for science, Jimmy Neutron is often tinkering around in his laboratory, constantly inventing new gadgets and gizmos. Sadly, these tend to do more harm than good in his fair city of Retroville, but luckily, Jimmy is far from incompetent, and can often be counted on to save the day, even if he's the cause of the trouble. He has a love-hate rivalry with Cindy Vortex, who has recently become the target of his affections, as much as he hates to admit it sometimes.
  • Finisher: Laser Contraption
  • Alternate Costume: Secret Agent
  • Halloween Costume: Evil Jimmy
Jenny Render
Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9)
MLaaTR symbol
Created by Dr. Nora Wakeman, Model XJ-9 is a highly sophisticated battle robot, developed to save the world from numerous threats. However, XJ-9, wishing to live the life of a normal teenage girl, began to assert herself, discarding her model number in favour of a name, "Jenny". However, her will for justice is strong, and still wishes to be a hero to the good people of Tremorton, but finds that and her desire to be normal under constant attack by the villainous Cluster, aliens from a robotic world led by the vicious Queen Vexus, who wants to indoctrinate her into her clan, by force if necessary.
  • Finisher: Advanced Arsenal Barrage
  • Alternate Costume: Teen Team
  • Halloween Costume: Raggedy Android
Vega Render
MLaaTR symbol
Vega was once the happy-go-lucky princess of Cluster Prime, a planet inhabited by robotic beings and advanced technology. Her life was pretty much the average life of a robo-girl her age, hanging out with friends, enjoying the sights, and sharing an oil shake every now and again. Fate, however, would cause her to cross paths with XJ-9, an Earth robot who ended up uncovering her mother, Queen Vexus' nefarious scheme to keep the planet under her thumb by removing everyone's enhancer chips, which would grant them superpowers. Though at first conflicted between doing what's right for her people and going against her own mother, Vega quickly decided to side with Jenny, and re-empowered her race. This resulted in her mother's exile and Vega herself taking the reins of power as Cluster Prime's new Queen.
  • Finisher: Cluster Prime Assault
  • Alternate Costume: Kuwagata Armor MK-V
  • Halloween Costume: Melody Locust
Toph Beifong Render
Toph Beifong
TloA Symbol
Though she may appear small and helpless, don't underestimate this young Earthbender at all. She may be blind, but she sees it as more of an advantage than anything, as her unique condition has made her explore and discover things that ordinary Earthbenders did not, including seismic sense and even a new form of bending, Metalbending, previously thought impossible by all.

Toph has a very tough and cocky personality, and will never back down from a challenge, evident in her past title reign as the 'Blind Bandit', champion of a professional Earthbending tournament. She was instrumental in bringing down the terror of Fire King Ozai, alongside the past incarnation of Team Avatar.

  • Finisher: Rock Coffin
  • Alternate Costume: The Promise Outfit
  • Halloween Costume: Melon Lord
Korra Render
TLoK symbol
Korra is the newest incarnation of the 'Avatar', a bender capable of wielding the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Rebellious and hotheaded, Korra once believed that all it took to kick butt as an Avatar was being a strong bender. However, a traumatic experience against the anti-benders caused her to discover her spiritual side, and, in so doing, her link to the spirit world. Now, she's an even greater force to be reckoned with!
  • Finisher: Avatar State
  • Alternate Costume: Probender
  • Halloween Costume: The Last Airbender
El Tigre Render
El Tigre
ETtAoMR symbol
Descended from Miracle City's famous and proud Rivera family, Manny Rivera is gifted with both awesome superpowers and an indomitable spirit. However, he often faces a moral dilemma- does he follow his noble father in the ways of the hero, or does he give in to the dark side like his fun-loving Grandpapi? In between saving the day or causing mischief, beneath his costume lies the heart of a determined warrior- El Tigre!
  • Finisher: Ancient Tiger Spirit
  • Alternate Costume: Manny Rivera
  • Halloween Costume: Mustache Mafia
Tak Render

TatPoJ Symbol
From a humble Shaman's assistant to heroic wielder of "Juju", Tak of the Pupununu has always found himself tangled in the web of adventure. Using his staff and inherent magical abilities, Tak can cast spells and summon Jujus, powerful (and yet very peculiar) magical beings for advice (and the occasional bout of mischief!). Having saved his entire village multiple times by himself he is up for the task, though magical artifacts are required for the task, he's useless otherwise.

  • Finisher: Moon Spirit's Descend
  • Alternate Costume: Chicken Costume
  • Halloween Costume: Traloc
Kyle the Conjurer Render
Kyle the Conjurer

F&CC Symbol
Gifted with powerful magic, Kyle was expelled from the Milkweed Academy of Magic for turning his professor into a raspberry flan, forcing him to enroll in public school. His first day was one of non-stop irritation from two hyper young boys, who didn't believe he had wizardly powers to begin with. Though he loathed them, he eventually warmed up to them, albeit keeping his cold demeanor towards them for appearances. He constantly practices his magic spells in the hopes that he'd be re-accepted into the Academy of Magic.

  • Finisher: Bailhok
  • Alternate Costume: Frosty Market Employee
  • Halloween Costume: Sigmund the Sorcerer


Name Bio
Rocko Wallaby Render
Rocko Wallaby
RML symbol
Just your average wallaby from O-Town, Rocko tries to get through his life with as little hassle as possible, but when you've got wacky friends and live in a town where everyday is never ordinary, enduring shenanigans are basically on his to-do list at this point. Rocko is also a jackhammer enthusiast, entering competitions and wowing audiences with the grace and boulder-crushing power!
  • Finisher: Life Determing Hand
  • Alternate Costume: Pilgrim
  • Halloween Costume: Peaches' Robe
Doug Render
Doug Funnie
Doug Symbol
Dear Journal,

Sometimes, the craziest things can happen to you! One minute, I was heading over to my pal Skeeter, the next, I was surrounded by these other guys, and I was in my Quailman costume! They told me that they needed my help, and that I was chosen to help them save the world. At first, I thought that they were all crazy, but then I realized that my imagination took on a life of its own in this world! My personal heroes, Race Canyon, Smash Adams, and, of course, Quailman and all of thier powers were now at my fingertips! Of course, like my dad said, "With great power comes great responsi-"

Oh darn, I almost forgot about the whole saving the world thing. Well, talk with you later, journal. See ya! - Doug

  • Finisher: Superpowers Combine!
  • Alternate Costume: Smash Adams
  • Halloween Costume: Race Canyon

Because Doug can switch between his superhero personas he doesn't actually have costumes, as selecting another costume only will make him start the battle in that form.

Zim&GIR Render
Zim & GIR
IZ symbol
ZIM is an Irken, a race of aliens bred for galactic conquest. Extremely brash, irrational and terribly destructive, ZIM was deemed 'defective' by his superiors for staging an all out assault on his own home world that caused damage that would take centuries to rebuild. As a joke, the Tallests assigned ZIM to a far off galaxy, expecting him to get lost. Unbeknownst to them, they've assigned him to Earth, where ZIM constantly tries (and fails) to subdue the human race under his rule. He is accompanied by GIR, his robotic companion and aide in combat. Upon hearing of the crisis facing the Nicktoons Universe, he leaps into action with his Vooty modified for combat- not because he wants to save it, mind you, but because he sees himself as the only being worthy to rule!
  • Finisher: Destory the Earth!!!
  • Alternate Costume: Human Disguise Zim & Dog Disguise GIR on Piggy-Armor VOOTY
  • Halloween Costume: Dib & Gaz on Pumpkin Coach
Plata Peligrosa Render
Plata Peligrosa
ETtAoMR symbol
The best friend of Manny Rivera is the trouble-making blue haired girl, Frida Suárez. She is the daughter of the head of the police department and her older twin sisters also follow in their father's footsteps. Frida however is much more of a rebellion and likes to oppose her dad by causing mischief. One day however she decides to pick up the superhero job to fight along with El Tigre. She gets the Platina Glove from Maria, Manny's mother, and follows her up as the Plata Peligrosa. Of course she keeps her trusty guitar with her as well.
  • Finisher: Mighty Fist Pound
  • Alternate Costume: Frida Suárez
  • Halloween Costume: Silver Echo
Reptar Render
Rugrats Symbol
Seen as a hero to some and a big, destructive menace to others, Reptar is a humongous dinosaur with an appetite for destruction and a brutal temper to match. When he's not chewing on airplanes or stomping on cities, he's throwing down with other monsters his size, often unwittingly saving the day. Though he only speaks in growls and roars, a catchphrase often attributed to him by those who regard him as a misunderstood creature and hero is, "HALT! I am Reptar!"
  • Finisher: Gigantic Reptar
  • Alternate Costume: Robo-Reptar
  • Halloween Costume: Thorg
Dora Marquez Render
Dora Marquez & Boots

DtE Symbol
An adventurous explorer who travels around her hometown along with her best friend Boots, in search for adventure. Now that Dora is at an older age she has joined her cousin's exploration squad but stays stationed in her own region. Unlike others she doesn't have any powers, but seems to be guided by an unknown force in her adventures. Curiously seen talking to herself as if she's addressing an audience.

What did you say? If I have seen mountain? Well, if you look behind you, you can clearly see a mountain hundred times your size. You only have to turn around and... argh... forget it.

  • Finisher: We Did It!
  • Alternate Costume: Wonderland
  • Halloween Costume: Kai-Lan & Hoho

Non-Playable Characters

For a full list of the characters see: Nicktoons: Corrupted Realms/Data

Non-playable characters appear throughout the story. These character may provide something to the plot, act as bosses or just appear as characters who must be saved in the 'bonus levels'. Once a character is unlocked, saved or encountered a data will be made for them to view in Jimmy Neutron's Database. The data's act like trophies in the Super Smash Bros. series. All the default characters already have data's in Jimmy Neutron's Database.


There is a good amount of stages in the game. Most of the shows represented in the game have a stage, but not all of them. However some of the bigger shows may have multiple stages because their realms are also more significant in the story mode. Unlockable stages can only be unlocked through battling on them in the story mode.


Name Description
Bikini Bottom
Jellyfish Fields

SS symbol

A wide field that does not have much obstacles, making it one of the most easiest stages to play on. There are several hills, some higher than others, to stand on and a few rocks scattered throughout the field. The background is filled with Jellyfishes but some may roam the stage and can sting a player when they make contact. The infamous Jellyfish Fields sign is also present somewhere on the map. Occasionally King Jellyfish will roam over the fields and shoot down electric blasts that massively damage the player.

Amity Park
Fenton Works
DP symbol
Set in the daytime of Amity Park. The area takes place in the street where the Fenton Workks are located, with said building as the main point of interest of course. You can fight in the streets as well as on top of the buildings. At some time during the battle the stage will turn dark and Undergrowth appears in the background. The whole stage will be covered in plants transforming it into Urban Amity Park. With the new obstacles you can formulate new plans. Although there are thorns, these won't deal damage to you. Undergrowth and his urban environment will disappear after a certain amount of time.



  • Characters from shows based on movies were considered but were eventually scrapped to make place for other characters. The cut characters are:
    • Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.
    • Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    • Dr. Blowhole from The Penguins of Madagascar.
    • Otis from Back at the Barnyard.
    • Bob from Monster's VS Aliens.
    • Rabbid from Rabbids Invasion.
    • Rango from Rango.
  • The only animated shows of Nicktoons that aren't represented at all in the game are: Mr. Meaty, Pelswick, Action League Now!, The Brothers Flub and KaBlam!

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