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Join the Nicktendo party! Play on 10 boards and over 34 mini-games!



  • Peach's Fruit Garden

Host: Peach

  • Zelda's Magical Hideout

Host: Zelda

  • Kine's Mangrove Island

Host: Kine

  • Pichu's Electric Laboratory

Host: Pichu

  • Ridley's Fire Caves

Host: Ridley

  • Sandy's Acorn Fields

Host: Sandy Cheeks

  • Dash's Football Field

Host: Dash

  • Anti-Cosmo's Anti Laboratory

Host: Anti-Cosmo

  • Sheen's Ice-Cream Lake

Host: Sheen Estevez

  • Jeera's Sheep Farm

Host: Jeera


1 vs. 3

  • Mouse Trap Master
  • Ice Cream Fight
  • Cowboy Capers
  • Staying On
  • Mix n Match

Under Progress

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