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Full Name Nicker
Gender Male
Location Castle Town, Hyrule
Class Nurse
Family and Relations
Link (cousin)
Zelda (cousin)
Main Weapon(s) Dagger
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: The Miracle of the Enchanted Land
Latest Appearance None yet.

Nicker is a nurse man who works in St. Nicker's Hospital, located in the northern part of the Castle Town in Hyrule.


When Nicker was a born, the hero Link killed the almighty evil thief, Ganondorf and then restored peace to Hyrule. When Nicker was 3, he started preschool and did very well. He learned about letters, numbers, and combining letters to make words. When Nicker was in the fourth grade, he got an injury that was so bad, he had to miss out on middle school and high school. Then he learned a very valuable lesson: The badder the injury is, the harder it'll go away. When the injury was gone, he attended The Hyrule College of Nursing, which is right next to his house. Nicker got his degree, and he got hired at St. Joe's Hospital. 4 years later, Joe, the owner of the hospital died of a bad cold. Then it became St. Nicker's Hospital.