Tier Score
God SS 47 Zimtrans
Top S 45-44-43,9 NigelunorenderJimmy&Goddard
A 43-40

Danny renderBluesClues173-07SquidwardBobertrender

High B 39-38-37,98 George Jetson273px-Benson characterDexterNewRen-Stimpy
Middle C 37-36,99 Fairly-oddparents-timmy-2copycopy1AT ice king characterTak RenderGumballAWOGMordecai character-0FinnTheHumanBoySPONGEBOB!!!!
Low D 36-35,93 RockoBilly billy 174x252DarwinSeason2Rigby characterJakeNewLapisAvatar Aang
Bottom E 35-34,97 El Tigre

The tier list is counted with the sum of all the veteran characters with total scores in Eventhubs (SSB4) and the total of the rankings of all the Nickelodeon VS. Cartoon Network games. It also counts for these votes (careful! The polls are closed!). For the newcomers, it makes a sum of the year oof his recent game and their first game. This is created without custom moves.

This tier is divided in 5 tiers:

  • God Tier: This tier (SS) is the strongest among all. They can beat every character below the list easily.
  • Top Tier: This tier (S, A) are pretty hard to beat them on the battlefield. The S-tier is the excellent pick to choose them if you want to win. The A-tier is a pick that they do pretty well.
  • High Tier: This tier (B) features many viable picks that are able do well against others.
  • Middle Tier: This tier (C) is decent but can be defeated by others easily.
  • Low Tier: This tier (D) is not smart to pick it, unless you give them a chance if you go easily. D tier is a low tier to pick, so that they can win if they can go easily.
  • Bottom Tier: This tier (E) is definitely the worst counterpick to choose from, only consisting of, El Tigre. It's better to avoid this. the E tier is the lowest tier of the bottom tier. They are not to pick cause to their worst matchups.