Nick (Forgotten Unity)
Nick (Forgotten Unity)
Nick in his typical outfit
Full Name Nicholas Etonerie
Current Age 15
Date of Birth July 24, 1996
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Puresoul
Vulnerable To Souless
First Appearance Out of Many
Latest Appearance One
Nicholas Etonerie (usually referred to as Nick) is the main protagonist of the Forgotten Unity series, through with many of the stories' chapters are told through his perspective. His possesses no specific ability such as light, rather he is a normal human and is able to convert the Souless back to normal with his Puresoul if he held a strong relation with them in the real world.


Nick's personality can be clearly shown as the opposite of Igne's, a Forgotten Unity antagonist. Nick is usually quiet and calm, though by being this way, he hides a determined protective side that he can make use of when the people he loves are in danger. Nick can easily pick up on extreme personalities, again drawing the comparison of him against Igne, where he quickly discovered Igne's attempt at intimidating him and countered it.


Nick wears a simple blue t-shirt, long red-brown pants, and red and white shoes. He has pale skin, green eyes, and yellow-brown hair. Nick's design being this simple was an interesting choice by Dk64rules (tbc), whose previous protagonists' appearances in the Voidverse series were more detailed. This design choice is most likely because the story for the most part is told through Nick, which means he would never be described in detail as the other characters are.


  • Nick's last name, Etonerie, contains the name of another Forgotten Unity character, Eton. This the only instance where a normal human has a connection to a Souless outside of Blank.
  • Nick and fellow protagonist Megan are the only human characters in Forgotten Unity.
  • Nick's original design was named Niko. He was shorter and had a different hairstyle, skin color, and hair color. The eye color and clothes carried over to his final design.

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