Nicholas the overweighted boy
Nicholas's appearance throughout the series
Full Name Nicholas Anthony Loula
Current Age 14
Date of Birth July 8th
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species Human Spirit
Family and Relations
Mrs. Loula (mother)
Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo
Latest Appearance Mario Kart: Block Party

Nicholas Anthony "Nick" Loula is a 14-year-old portrait ghost that appears in Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo.


Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo

Nicholas resides in the Sweets Room were he is eating his rainbow ice cream milkshake until Polterpup knocks it over and angers him and rampaged at Polterpup and then Luigi stunned him and captured him he later escapes the Poltergust and goes into the vault with E. Gadd's lunch. in the credits he goes on a rampage after Harold, CHarles, and Elisabeth steals his food.

Super Mario Galaxy: The Sprixie Princesses

He and Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth re-appear in SMG:TSP were they appear on the ship so they can watch Browser fall into a black hole (a donut hole in there language).

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