Nexus Habitat
The Nexus Habitat in Fantendo Hearts: Past Odyssey
Greater Location Space
First Appearance Winged Nexus
Latest Appearance Fantendo Hearts: Past Odyssey
Current Inhabitant(s)
Location Type Planet
Related Locations
Notable Resident(s)

The Nexus Habitat is a dwarf planet, and the setting of the Winged Nexus series.


The Nexus Habitat's surface is referred to as the overworld; beneath the surface, however, is a new world known as the underworld. In the centre of the underworld is the planet's core, which is composed of magical energy.

There are two main land masses on the overworld, Pretiuma and Lunitia (there are also numerous smaller islands scattered around).

The underworld is a series of caves, where the laws of physics behave oddly due to the proximity to the core, which is an extremely powerful magic source (and the reason the fairies who live in the overworld can use magic).


Numerous references are made in the series to supposed predecessors to the fairies, who created the Winged Nexus, an artifact with the ability to grant wishes. They also had technology capable of creating an entire planet, which they encased the Winged Nexus within (hence the name, the Nexus Habitat). A group of fairies from Aeo were then taken to the Nexus Habitat.

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