Nexus Entertainment
Type of Company Video-games and movies
Founder(s) Bill Nicken
Founded at/in 25 May of 2007
Area(s) Served World
Owner(s) Bill Nicken 
No. of Employee(s) 150.000.000 (Around the World)
Predecessor Nexus Games and Movies (2007)
Parent Company Nintendo, Sony Pictures, Microsoft Pictures,  Sega Animation and Epic Games

The Nexus Entertainment is a revolutionary entertainment company, and one of the largest producers of games and movies in the world, although concetrar its investment in movies with Unreal Engine, further increasing their profits.


Founded in 2007 as Nexus Games and Movies, it has become one of the largest film and world games, starting with his first game released. In 2010, it becomes one of the largest companies in the world games and the following year, one of the largest producers of films; in 2014 has partnered with Nintendo to produce some of their games for the 3DS and Wii U. In 2015, changes its name to only Nexus, and the following year, Nexus Entertainment. Still in 2016, plans to make a movie called Nexus to 2017;

Games and Movies

Name Platforms Date of Release Notes Game or Movie
Luigi's Mansion 5 - The Return Nintendo NX, Nintendo Nexus, PlayStation 4 Slim 2019 Game
Mario Never Released PC  2017 It is a collection of games canceled or never released by Nintendo. Game
Super Luigi Bros. 2011 It is a medium-length film of Super Mario, the main character his brother Luigi. Movie

Pi, the Movie

2007 tells the story of two fishermen who sent a distress music based on a mathematical calculation called Pi (or TT) Movie
Tails Movie 2009/2010 It is a film that Sega never even finished, just had a trailer on YouTube, which soon went off the air, but was put back by fans who thought he would be released; Tells the story of Tails, Sonic's friend, who on a trip with his family, end up getting lost in the forest where tents. Movie
Luigi's Mansion - Jumpscare Edtion Nintendo NX 2015 It would be a Luigi's Mansion 3 expansion pack, which is not got off the ground; The idea                                       

would make the scariest game, adding a camera in first person, and as the name implies, very jumpscare, breaking once the real meaning of Nintendo games;


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